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  1. ToiletEnthusiast

    What brand is this toilet valve?

    Looks like one of the cheapo kinds that come with new toilets. They seem to fail pretty frequently. I wouldn’t bother tinkering with it, just replace it with a new Fluidmaster or Korky brand valve ($10-15 at most hardware stores).
  2. ToiletEnthusiast

    What color is your toilet?

    That's a great color. I wish colors like these would make a comeback, but I don't know that many people feel the same way.
  3. ToiletEnthusiast

    Identifying the model and GPF of my pre-1999 Kohler flushometer toilet

    That's definitely a 3.5 GPF Wellcomme model.
  4. ToiletEnthusiast

    Strange symbol on friend's toilet's lever handle

    On second glance, it looks like a Peerless.
  5. ToiletEnthusiast

    Strange symbol on friend's toilet's lever handle

    The closest thing I could think of is Vitromex.
  6. ToiletEnthusiast

    Toilet Tank - Water Siphoning Out

    I dig the homemade float.
  7. ToiletEnthusiast

    TOTO Drake Dual/Drake II hybrid?

    I just don’t understand why Toto felt they had to redesign the Drake. They have the Drake II and the G-Max, both of which work perfectly. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just my two cents.
  8. ToiletEnthusiast

    1910 Auto flush toilet.

    Same idea in a Kohler toilet system from 1948.
  9. ToiletEnthusiast

    Confusing Toilet Swirl and Flush

    Another thing to check is the siphon jet at the bottom of the bowl. Over time, it can become plugged with mineral deposits and slow the flush down. The majority of newer toilets have them, some older ones don't.
  10. ToiletEnthusiast

    Kohler K-3420 1992 Wellworth Lite Toilet Review

    I recently saw a video of a Kohler toilet from Japan which uses somewhat of the same idea as the old Wellworth Lite with the exposed siphon jet pointing up into the trap. Hopefully this time they executed it a little better.
  11. ToiletEnthusiast

    Mansfield 1985 3.5 GPF Toilet

    In my experience, those 80s Mansfields have been pretty decent, but that new Drake is a far better replacement.
  12. ToiletEnthusiast

    Lamosa toilet tank broke

    Lamosa toilets are known to be very low quality and cheap, FWIW I’d get something better. I’d say 99% of the toilets on sale today are better than a Lamosa.
  13. ToiletEnthusiast

    Floor mount, rear outlet toilet. Help finding a replacement toilet :(

    Cool, an American Standard Yorkville! American Standard does still make the Yorkville, although it’s a pressure-assisted model so it’s a little louder, but performs pretty well. Kohler also makes a rear outlet toilet called the Barrington, which like the Yorkville is pressure assisted. Either...
  14. ToiletEnthusiast

    Toilet advice needed

    I personally have a Champion 4 and it’s been fine for me. However, there have been numerous complaints about the flush valve gasket leaking and the toilet itself being defective.
  15. ToiletEnthusiast

    Toilet advice needed

    Eek, a Vitromex. Utter garbage, to put it bluntly. I’d absolutely recommend a Toto Drake or Drake II. The Kohler Highline is a great choice as well.
  16. ToiletEnthusiast

    Rusted bathroom sink drain tailpiece

    The two sets of pliers ended up working. Thanks for the help!
  17. ToiletEnthusiast

    Rusted bathroom sink drain tailpiece

    Hey all. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to get the tailpiece off of my bathroom sink drain. The nut that holds it to the sink seems completely corroded; I’ve tried using Liquid Wrench, then I used channel locks to try and twist it off. So far, it won’t budge. Any ideas...
  18. ToiletEnthusiast

    American Standard Ellisse tank parts

    That’s kinda goofy looking. I know Eljer did something like this in the 70s, with the bowl refill tube built into the porcelain. I also think Kohler may have done this kind of thing with their lowboy toilets but I’m not 100% on that.
  19. ToiletEnthusiast

    1955 Standard Compton " Please Identify This Toilet

    I lurked on this forum long before I actually joined, and I always loved Gary's input. I had no idea he passed. He always gave great advice and ideas. Rest easy, kind sir.
  20. ToiletEnthusiast

    1950s American Standard toilet

    It may not be the gasket itself. Check the flush valve itself. If it’s original to the toilet, or even relatively old, that could be what’s leaking. Also replace the tank-to-bowl bolts while you’re at it.
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