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  1. Micp879

    Glacier Bay Glacier Bay Dual Flush HET AIO Toilet

    Well, the caveat that it has to be available at the big box stores really diminishes your options. First off, practically everyone on these boards will recommend you avoid pegasus and glacier bay. Those are the "house brands" at HD, and they seem to have alot of issues. Some dont flush very...
  2. Micp879

    Champion 4 Poor Flush - Revisited

    keep in mind, you have to also include the water used to refill the bowl after the flush as part of adding up the 1.6 gallons.
  3. Micp879

    Kohler Highline Anyone?

    My parents had one installed last year, and had it replaced a month or two later. It was a piece of garbage. Even with the 3 inch flush valve, it still clogged regularly. And thats not to mention the poor bowl wash that the class 5 systems are notorious for.
  4. Micp879

    Champion 4 Poor flush

    If it used the entire tank of water, it would be using far more than 1.6 gallons; so that issue may be completely normal. Regarding the low water level in the bowl, make sure that the small tube from the fill valve is directed into the overflow tube. There should be a clip to secure it in the...
  5. Micp879

    Need advice on Bradford White vs Kenmore

    Unfortunately AO Smith isn't much of an improvement over Whirlpuke. If you go to any search engine and google "water heaters" you will find alot of comments regarding the good ones and the bad ones. The air intake system on the AO Smith units seem very poorly designed. Whether it be the small...
  6. Micp879

    Where to buy trip lever for Toto Drake ST743S?

    Listen to what Gary is saying. Those chlorine tablets are one of the worst possible things you can do to your toilet.
  7. Micp879

    Toto Drake: no glaze in trapway?

    This is a frequently discussed topic on these boards. Pretty much all the Toto's are going to be like that. Just because it feels rough, does not mean it is not glazed. Supposedly, that roughness in the trapway helps to prevent toilet paper from sticking to the sides of it, which if it were to...
  8. Micp879

    Kohler vs. American Standard toilets

    My parents recently had a contractor supplied class 5 Kohler Wellworth installed in their master bath. It was one of the biggest pieces of garbage I have ever dealt with. The class 5 is notorious for not having good bowl wash, and the one my parents had clogged practically weekly. It goes to...
  9. Micp879

    Mansfield 160 w/New flush valve and gasket is still leaking

    Dknight, how long ago did you change the gaskets? If it was just recently, I have found that the new gaskets may take a little bit of time to form a water tight seal. A few years back, I had a mansfield toilet very similar to the 160, and I had to flush it multiple times before it finally...
  10. Micp879

    Kohler Cimarron toilet review, Owner comments and pictures

    You need to give us more info regarding the symptoms. Such as does water rise in the bowl and just swirl around, or does nothing happen, period?.... What kind of toilet is it?.... etc. Your description is like someone saying "my car doesn't run." There are alot of possibilities, and if you want...
  11. Micp879

    what causes cavitation?

    Not flossing regularly.
  12. Micp879

    Condo Remodel

    Class 5 is just a marketing term developed by Kohler, for some of their toilets. It isn't a universal designation. All major toilet manufacturers will have their own version of Kohlers "class 5." It often consists of a large flush valve, and a fast, powerful flush. I would recommend looking at a...
  13. Micp879

    Jacuzzi R182 Toilet Flapper

    I would say do a comprehensive internet search, and see if you can find an online plumbing supply business that can provide what you need. If that doesn't work, call Jacuzzi, and see if they can come up with one for you, or at least point you in the right direction. If that doesn't work, then...
  14. Micp879


    I tried using something similar to that, but I found a traditional plunger was much more effective.
  15. Micp879

    Toto Channel on Youtube

    For those that are interested, it looks like Toto has started up their own channel on youtube. They have only posted one video thus far, but Id like to think more will follow. They video they have posted is the testing of the Ultramax II. The double cyclone looks quite impressive; I never...
  16. Micp879

    Cadet 3 FloWise (1.28 gal) with Korky WaterWise Fill Valve uses 1.6 Gal

    Generally a fill valve will have zero effect on how much water a toilet flushes. The amount of water in each flush is mostly related to how quickly the flapper closes. Korky was absolutely right when they said their fill valve would be compatible with your toilet. For that matter, practically...
  17. Micp879

    Help needed asap-need to decide now :-( KOHLER K-3611 Highline

    To me, any pressure assist model is more trouble than its worth. Its loud, and the repairs are more complex and expensive. I say just go with a class 6 cimarron, and consider it an upgrade from a class 5. It may not be as great as a Toto, but it will still be better than a builder grade toilet...
  18. Micp879

    Help needed asap-need to decide now :-( KOHLER K-3611 Highline

    The class 6 is supposed to have better bowl wash than the class 5. It was obviously pretty pathetic, and it was a huge complaint about those models. in my opinion, the class 5/class 6 are the only Kohlers that flush decently, so I would stick with one of them, and avoid the other Kohlers...
  19. Micp879

    Mansfield Alto 137-160 toilet review

    Im obviously not Terry, but I just thought Id throw my two cents in. I have 3 Mansfield Mavericks in my home, and I absolutely love them. I haven't had a single clog in the 13 months that Ive lived in the house. It has a strong flush, and I haven't noticed any quality control issues. At my old...
  20. Micp879

    American Standard Champion toilet Review and comments. Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

    My family has had issues with the Champion in the past, so I don't often defend it. But it sounds like your problem has to do with the incoming supply line, not the toilet. If the problem is with the line, you could put any toilet in the world in there, and it still wont work. I would also go to...
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