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  1. Huskerfan-23

    First Time Urinal Installation

    Hi All- I plumbed a 2 inch PVC line in my man-cave for a urinal when I cut concrete and tied into the main line. Couple questions about plumbing in the urinal since I have never done it before: 1. What brand/model do you recommend for a man-cave where it wont be used near as much as a...
  2. Huskerfan-23

    Concrete work after backfill

    I was going to originally use 3/4 crusher base under the pipe (which is PVC) but read others on this forum saying it was a risk because they had seen the crusher rock "poke holes" in the PVC pipe once the weight of the backfill was put on it so I went with pea gravel. I am glad to hear you dont...
  3. Huskerfan-23

    Concrete work after backfill

    I cut my basement slab (4 inch slab) open and roughed in a new bathroom (toilet, lav, and shower) and also basement bar. I tied into the existing PVC under slab for all work. I filled under all of the new lines with pea gravel up to the springline of the pipe and then backfilled from there with...
  4. Huskerfan-23

    PVC Pipe Through Concrete

    I cant pop up early because that would necessitate me moving the wall. Concrete slab is standard 4 inches thick.
  5. Huskerfan-23

    PVC Pipe Through Concrete

    This has probably been asked but I couldn't find it.... Tying into existing PVC under basement slab for a new bathroom and wet bar in the basement. Running 2 inch PVC to the wet bar and don't quite have 1/4 in/ft slope under slab and would need to run about the last 2-3ft to get to the bar...
  6. Huskerfan-23

    Re-Glueing PVC Joint

    All- I was making a connection today and heard a pop and noticed that one of my PVC joints broke below where I was working. I pulled out the pipe from the fitting and noticed that I didn't get it seated all the way when I had made the original connection. From reading on the board it looks like...
  7. Huskerfan-23

    Sewage Basin Floating

    I didn't cut into any steel mesh that I noticed when I cut the concrete. My house was built in 1984, so not sure if that plays a factor in if wire mesh would have been installed or not.
  8. Huskerfan-23

    Sewage Basin Floating

    Hi All- Let me say thanks to all the experts in advance for lending me some help! Two weeks ago I cut concrete in my basement to install new pipes and a sewage ejector system for a basement bathroom. My sewage basin is a standard 18X30 basin and before leaving for vacation last week I dug...
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