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  1. Cwhyu2

    Is this a good way to handle a floor drain?

    Indirect waste, it does not affect the vent for the floor drain as the waste from the lav discharges to the inlet of the P-trap for the floor drain. Not how I would do it but should be okay.
  2. Cwhyu2

    Is this a good way to handle a floor drain?

    That might be considered an indirect waste from the lav. plumber69
  3. Cwhyu2

    Remodel: need advice for adding /removing tees to existing copper drain

    Good idea ! And option 1 is fine, as long as the copper pipe is in good condition.
  4. Cwhyu2

    Remodel: need advice for adding /removing tees to existing copper drain

    Copper to PVC or ABS Proflex coupling.Best way to transition.
  5. Cwhyu2

    High closet flange

    This if everything else is good.
  6. Cwhyu2

    Fernco/Rubber Qwik Tees

    You are correct not approved anywhere.
  7. Cwhyu2

    Kitchen sink strainer with integrated plastic bell?

    Yes replace the basket strainer with a better quality one.
  8. Cwhyu2

    What could this 4 inch pipe be for?

    Cleanout for building sewer.
  9. Cwhyu2

    Delta valve body leaks

    O-ring damaged on test cap.
  10. Cwhyu2

    Old house Electric Steam hookup?

    Temperature activated valve control. It operates the valve at the end of the wire to open and close at a set temperature. Looks like the valve is bypassed so it probably no longer working so can be cut out, and you will have to redo the piping or cap off.if no longer in use.
  11. Cwhyu2

    Drop Ear Elbow, Nipple, NPT and IPS

    NPT=national pipe thread IPS = iron pipe size , both are the same type of thread. Just different names.
  12. Cwhyu2

    sudden fluctuating water pressure

    You may have a faulty pressure reducing valve on your main incoming water service, it`s located after the water meter. Do you have a filter system on your water main? Have you tried to bypass the water softener? These are some things that could cause your problem.
  13. Cwhyu2

    Help Identifying plumbing part

    yes ball valves the slot on the stem should be in line with the pipe for open.1/4 turn
  14. Cwhyu2

    Leak in plumbing stack!

    If the leak is coming from above what you have already cut out then in order to repair said leak you are going to have to remove more drywall to make a repair anyway.
  15. Cwhyu2

    Water pipe mystery noise

    Check toilet fill valves, flappers in the toilet tank and pressure reducing valve if you have one.
  16. Cwhyu2

    Delta 2 handle faucet issue

    Take the spring back out and stretch it some it will make the seat seal better to the stem.
  17. Cwhyu2

    Dropping sink drain for new deeper sink

    Cable saw cuts PVC in tight places $5.00 Home Depot.
  18. Cwhyu2

    Whistling Noise When Turning Off Cold Water

    Do you have a pressure reducing valve on your main water line at the meter or where it enters the house?
  19. Cwhyu2

    Steam Table

    Yeah I know, yep drain.
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