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  1. JT and the DOG

    DIY DWV Check for UPC Jurisdiction

    I had a consultation inspection today and I "passed." He said "everything looks good here." I'm stoked! Thanks for your support!
  2. JT and the DOG

    DIY DWV Check for UPC Jurisdiction

    Hi Wayne, Thank you for the very thoughtful response. I appreciate you taking the time to explain. You answered my real burning question: do lower items need to have relief vents installed, even though they are within six feet of the waste stack, which vents to the open air? Sounds like I need...
  3. JT and the DOG

    DIY DWV Check for UPC Jurisdiction

    Hi Terry and Friends, I'm extensively renovating a house from 1907. Planning and plumbing the DWV system has been the most difficult part because I live in a UPC jurisdiction. Someone out on the WWW referred to the UPC's venting requirements as "aggressive," and that phrasing stuck with me. I...
  4. JT and the DOG

    Old House - Floor drain, washer basin & new standpipe help

    Hi Folks, I'm a first time poster here, but I have been coming to the site for a couple of years now. My house (in Nebraska) came with a basin for the washing machine drain. See picture #1: That isn't terribly problematic, except that the basin empties into what seems to be a faulty floor...
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