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  1. Dlarrivee

    Sanitary T????

    James, you're really onto something. Why don't they put labels on absolutely everything. And then warnings on them to. This is a FORK. Caution: Fork is sharp at one end This is Fork's handle.
  2. Dlarrivee

    Tub Drain and Floor Joist

    You're bringing up point loads when we were looking at a load bearing wall. A point load would be a post supporting a beam, not an entire wall with studs every 16". John, you know your stuff when it comes to showers, but you're off by a lot when it comes to framing advice.
  3. Dlarrivee

    Tub Drain and Floor Joist

    What is a trim screw John? I'm glad you admit that you don't know, because it is blatantly obvious that you'd be in over your head on even a small framing job. I'm curious as to your explanation on a load bearing wall being a "point" load... first time I've heard that one.
  4. Dlarrivee

    Tub Drain and Floor Joist

    You're really confusing a lot of terms here John. There is no such thing as a ceiling "stud", you're talking either a joist or a rafter tie here. If the house is built with trusses for the roof, the bottom chord of the truss is what makes up the ceiling, and unless the house is MASSIVE the...
  5. Dlarrivee

    Tub Drain and Floor Joist

    Sorry that you don't want to do any more work (I know you already did some work on the joists). Is that seriously a splice on the right hand joist about 4' from the foundation wall? Your best bet is a doubled up 2x(8,10,12) whatever you have there, and some joist hangers. You use joist...
  6. Dlarrivee

    Insulation where floor joists overhang foundation

    Don't mind HJ his knowledge in this department is 60 years out dated.
  7. Dlarrivee

    I repaired my exploded pump, but....

    I consider this whole thing spam just based on the stupid choice of user name.
  8. Dlarrivee

    Oyster looking stuff clogged a vanity drain

    I have no idea what it is, but you will always be amazed at the crap sitting inside some piping. Continuous waste under kitchen sinks are always fun too.
  9. Dlarrivee

    Basement toilet & shower rough in --Planning

    I can see why you'd rather not, but you're going to need to move the double wye downstream, so the vents can rise vertically inside that stud wall there. I know it means breaking more concrete, and distrupting your laundry room area, but it's the proper way. You just CANNOT have horizontal...
  10. Dlarrivee

    Wall Framing and Flooring over Subfloor

    Don't use DELTA FL and XPS together. Frame after you finish the floor, it will be much better that way. You will need to tapcon the ply, it wont stay there floating perfectly without.
  11. Dlarrivee

    I destroyed my closet flange

    Access from below the concrete slab Jim? If you cannot find a plumber with some very specific tools you're going to be renting a jack hammer and taking up that floor.
  12. Dlarrivee

    can vent go down few inch?

    Don't they call that a trap around here?
  13. Dlarrivee

    How to bring water into a slab foundation. The concrete is coming Thurs!!!

    You're on the early part of a house build and crying about $50 for a proper water line? Ditch the PVC crap.
  14. Dlarrivee

    Basement Spray Foam?

    A good applicator will "picture-frame" each stud bay before filling it in. Essentially pointing the gun into that corner where the 1/2" gap would be to round the harsher corner before his first lift of foam is applied.
  15. Dlarrivee

    Basement Spray Foam?

    In my "basement", the foundation wall is only 44" above the slab and then there is a small stud wall on top of that, grade is about waist level. I framed a full height (slab to floor joist), stud wall, in front of the foundation wall (1" off). I sprayed 2" of foam below grade, and 3" above...
  16. Dlarrivee

    Basement Spray Foam?

    I also said you might need to implement a system to take care of the water prior to spray foaming. Interior french drain, etc.
  17. Dlarrivee

    Sewage Ejector Venting

    So the people who make the crap-vent say it's a good idea and everyone who makes basins and ejectors says it is not?
  18. Dlarrivee

    Sewage Ejector Venting

    You cannot use an AAV on the ejector basin anyways, the level in the pit rises and falls so air will be displaced not just drawn in... and AAV only allows are movement in one direction.
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