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  1. Keith Frank

    How to fix leaking water heater which is at heating element

    Check out this source, specifically under element gasket portion:
  2. Keith Frank

    Why I like Thermostatically controlled Shower Valves

    Thanks for sharing, this is good stuff
  3. Keith Frank

    Salt or salt free system...that is the question

    I agree, salt water softener is what you should be looking for. Check this article so it is clear to you: No salt water softener is not a softener at all.
  4. Keith Frank

    Mystery leak at bottom of electric water heater

    What's the brand of your water heater? I guess 10 years is a good term, considering that their life expectancy is around 12 years max. The longevity also depends on a bunch of factors, including the manufacturer and the maintenance quality. But what's weird is that the leak actually disappeared...
  5. Keith Frank

    How to Size Your Water Softener

    Hey. So we are a family of 4, and as per my neighbor's calculations, we could go for a small water softener (30,000 grain unit). Now, after reading this thread plus a couple of posts, I 've realized that maybe it would be smarter to go for a 48 K one, not to overdrive the smaller unit.
  6. Keith Frank

    How to Size Your Water Softener

    Hey, I was helped by my neighbor to size my water softener for the apartment. But now I see that I could have gone for a bigger size of the water softnener? Do you think that the size of the water softener affects the quality of water for the house?
  7. Keith Frank

    Removing Salt Clog from Water Softener

    Hey! Thanks for the post, seems like a piece of cake when you describe the process. Yet, whenever I am struggling with my water softener, something always goes sideways...
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