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  1. DIYplumber

    Doing a laticrete liquid membrane pan.. drain differences

    hi. I was going to do a laticrete style liquid membrane for a shower that eliminates the preslope and the PCV liner. I see the have a "bonding" drain and instuciotns here the thing is I already glued in a cheaper ABS flange. I don't...
  2. DIYplumber

    Question about wet/direct vent to stack.

    Hello. Thanks for this awesome forum. I have learned so much here by reading. I am wondering if anyone might look at my attached drawing here and tell me what you think of the venting ? Sorry if you have to tilt your head to read it. The bathtub trap goes right to the stack, no vent (or wet...
  3. DIYplumber

    This "new" single mud bed with red guard method

    making a mud bed on a cement slab in a cabin for shower. When installing the slab I made a preslope right in the concrete , just to get some fall. Now I play on a 1 1/4 thick mud pan that goes to the shower drain, then a reguard liner that goes onto of that and then tile on that. According to...
  4. DIYplumber

    I need help deciding to put a sump pit or not

    Thank for the reply and encouragement ! Do you have any idea would be the min depth you would suggest for a 5 gallon bucket ? Maybe attaching two buckets to themselves would give me a bit extra, bottom cut off one and not the other ? Do you see any interface with the plumbing that you see in...
  5. DIYplumber

    I need help deciding to put a sump pit or not

    I have smashed a hole in my basement slab to work to ad some basement bathroom plumbing. Then I saw that a little over 2 ft down, inside the clay I hit the water table. I thought, oh great place to put a sump pit and pump for those once a year my slab looked kind of damp, and maybe a passive...
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