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  1. Justintime

    Venting Bathroom Under Roof Deck?

    This is all gold clarification, thanks Wayne. I see that, I was seeing that for IPC (we use UPC) a washer must terminate into a minimum 3" drain after the 2" washer fixture pipe. To reduce any change of shower backup issues, I was just gonna upsize to 3" at the combination of the shower and...
  2. Justintime

    Venting Bathroom Under Roof Deck?

    I'll use this if we must use 3" vent.
  3. Justintime

    Venting Bathroom Under Roof Deck?

    Got it, so close... So there's no way to get less than a 3" pipe through the roof, huh? That wall is non-load bearing that I want to go up through, so I can go through the entire bottom/top plate if needed, but getting it between the top plate of the 1st story exterior wall (see circle in...
  4. Justintime

    half bathroom rough in cannot drain through wall floor plate

    If you have access to the crawl space beneath and you only need a few inches, a rotary hammer can make very short work of getting a 2" or 1.5" pipe into the wall. The 45 degree method works, too.
  5. Justintime

    See you later, not goodbye!

    Very much will miss Terry and his help on this forum. It's hard to find folks who place education and safety in a trade above ego. Didn't realize he lived so close. I have spent a lot of time in his neck of the woods. RIP and I hope his family finds peace in his comfort and rest until we all...
  6. Justintime

    Venting Bathroom Under Roof Deck?

    What about this layout: Wet vent the WC from the lav into a 3", the shower and and washer standpipe connect into a 3" and are separately vented and the two 3" drains connect together and then go to the main sewer stack under the house. All 2" vents/revents merge into one 2" vent up to the roof...
  7. Justintime

    Order of equipment install

    Yes, I misunderstood, it appears. What John said. That way the entire system is protected. The hot water heater in particular is prone to hard water.
  8. Justintime

    Would exposed PEX encourage algae growth?

    The fact it's in an exposed location with PEX voids any warranty from the manufacturer if it fails. It needs to be done right and covered or wrapped. I'm not a huge fan of weird 90 degree angles protruding from walls and whatnot, either. But I guess that's 95% cosmetic on my end.
  9. Justintime

    Kitchen Stove plug

    Looks like a NEMA 14-50. Here's the diagram. the picture that is posted appears to be correct, but hard to tell looking at where the bottom wire connections go.
  10. Justintime

    Order of equipment install

    Not a pro, but have plumbed two houses. I'd do water heater first as it looks like it's a gas unit, and you may be limited by gas lines and exhaust location. Then I'd do manifold to make sure you have enough room for the runs. I built a manifold using copper exactly like Just Needs Paint and...
  11. Justintime

    Venting Bathroom Under Roof Deck?

    Been lurking on here for YEARS, time to get some advice, hopefully! :P Getting right down to it: 1. I have an add-on space under a second story roof deck 2. I want to turn it into a bathroom 3. I cannot use AAV, has to have actual venting (I'm challenging this currently) 4. I'm looking for...
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