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  1. Nate R

    Kitchen Sink Drain Basket keeps leaking?

    If the putty leaks in this case, the water leaks through, the rubber gasket and plastic cone are WIDER than the hole, so they catch the water and it goes down the drain. I didn't in this case, as the one Ikea supplies is thick. And when I've tried to use it, there's a gap between the sink and...
  2. Nate R

    Kitchen Sink Drain Basket keeps leaking?

    Looking for a bit of advice. I helped someone install a new kitchen sink recently. It's a porcelain sink from Ikea. We used the Ikea drain basket and some non-staining putty to seal it. This person often leaves things soak in the sink overnight. A couple months after I installed, it stopped...
  3. Nate R

    Unusual Clog

    Why not? Because it'd be concrete or clay? Or not 6"?
  4. Nate R

    PVC pipe outside of house keeps overflowing

    Looks to me like Nukeman was correct - probably the A/C condensate line draining into that pipe.
  5. Nate R

    online heat loss calc???

    I use ResCheck to run heat loss calcs. This is a program by DOE used to check code compliance for energy use of buildings. Free. Figured out that my current furnace is pretty oversized, and once I change the windows, add insulation around the...
  6. Nate R

    Saniflo Greywater Pumps?

    Working on the design of our kitchen remodel. Currently, the kitchen sink is on an inside wall, 2 feet from the stack. We're looking at moving the sink and adding a dishwasher, but putting them on an outside wall, 12 feet away. Our house was built over a dirt "crawlspace" but the dirt is only...
  7. Nate R

    Can I install outlets/switches before drywall?

    I did this in my bathroom and stairway to check my wiring, and make sure I set up the 3-way switch correctly, etc. I just pulled the switches and killed the power when I did the drywall. Then reinstalled the switches after. I think it's worth doing that way. Otherwise, you better HOPE the...
  8. Nate R

    Help, 2" PVC joint leak

    I don't disagree with that at all. I'm probably one of that category. But doing the job right in this case would be what? I assume doing the job right means doing what would pass inspection. That's what the plumbers were trying to direct you to do. I don't see why you have a problem with...
  9. Nate R

    Need to remove drain baskedt that crossbars are broken off

    I have the same situation at my mother's house. Her 20 year old drain basket crossbars broke. Not much corrision at all, though. So, do we have to cut, and that's the only real option? Would you tackle this w/ no access to the drain from underneath, or is it more than likely I will require...
  10. Nate R

    Where to find root-x in canada or online?

    The large online auction site has it.
  11. Nate R

    Compression Angle Stops on Pedestal Sink

    I've been wondering the same thing. Didn't have time to figure it out at the time, as my water was shut off to move the toilet supply line. Now I have the nice chrome escutcheon, about 1 1/2" of copper, and then my nice chrome angle stop. Found these, thinking I might try them...
  12. Nate R

    Is there a leak with my water main entering my house????

    Was your first bill an estimate, and the 2nd an actual read? When we bought our house, the previous owner hadn't paid the water bill in a while, and had put the billing on hold as the house was vacant. Well, plenty of water got used in that time by some squatters, repair men, etc. Our first...
  13. Nate R

    Washing machine and utility sink tie in question

    SanTees should be used to connect horizontal into vertical, Wye Combos are for vertical waste into horizontal. Have you seen Terry's pic of proper rough plumbing of a washing machine standpipe? (Pic is work 1K words!) Good to see you asking questions like that BEFORE tackling the work! :)
  14. Nate R

    Questions regarding Fernco Fittings

    Wow, wish I had done it that way when I put one in on my main stack. I had about 1/4" gap, and I was trying to slide the coupliing down the pipe, pull the connecting pipe in place, then slide it back up until the inner rubber ring was between the two. This was extremely difficult to do without...
  15. Nate R

    Smoke Bombs

    McMaster-Carr has them.
  16. Nate R

    Ian, bought my wife a new(er) American truck yesterday

    Ian's right. I bet a LOT of us will be driving diesels before long. Long term, it might be a real smart move as global oil demand increases again. You can make diesel from coal. The US has LOTS of coal.
  17. Nate R

    Drywall Sanding

    They work VERY well for filtering out smells. In a paint room, or in a room full of acetone, I don't smell much of the solvents if at all.
  18. Nate R

    Drywall Sanding

    Ian, I've used both the half-face and full face respirators. The half face ones from McMaster are about $25-45 with cartridges. I've used them for spraying paint in a booth, sanding, cutting, etc. I've used the full face ones in enclosed areas, and they work fairly well. Anti-Fog...
  19. Nate R

    Converting Shed roof to gable?

    Hmmm.... Suppose the easy solution is to put in a shorter window. :D Might be able to move the current window up a bit, too. Either way, that would mean it wouldn't match the other windows in the dormer. Hmmm. As you said, I'm sure an architect or engineer would have to get involved then...
  20. Nate R

    Converting Shed roof to gable?

    We were thinking 8/12 probably wouldn't look too weird, and would *just* clear the window upstairs. (Original roof is 12/12) I'm still not sure that it would look OK, though. Trying to find a solution where the addition doesn't looked so much like a tacked on afterthought as it does now. I'm...
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