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  1. JohnjH2o1

    Old Delta Tub/Shower Fixture (Circa 88-90) Cartridge?

    Call Delta they will send you all the parts you need free of charge.
  2. JohnjH2o1

    Help identifying and figuring out how to turn on bathtub faucet

    That little button needs to pull out. When it's in it diverts the water to the shower. The part is replaceable.
  3. JohnjH2o1

    Toilet horn wobble

    The flange needs to be screwed down to the floor. If it isn't when you tightening the bolts you're pulling the flange up instead of pulling the toilet down.
  4. JohnjH2o1

    No zone valves on my system

    I would think it would be easier to use three circulator relays. Then there would be no repiping necessary.
  5. JohnjH2o1

    Will this pass inspection?

    If the arm on the lav. waste is less than 36" it can look straight out without the re-vent.
  6. JohnjH2o1

    Unsecured shower

    The lines should be secured, but that is not the reason for the leak. Something else is going on.
  7. JohnjH2o1

    Toilet Flapper Valve won't fit

    The refill tube is pushed too far down the overflow causing the water in the tank to siphon.
  8. JohnjH2o1

    Bathroom supply line.

    The rule I always followed is not to put two fixtures on a 1/2" line.
  9. JohnjH2o1

    Installing solid 3/8 risers to kitchen faucet

    There is no washer needed. Been using that type of supply line for years. Today you can get them in PEX.
  10. JohnjH2o1

    Older widespread sink valve rebuild

    It will unscrew. It may take two wrenches one to hold back as you remove the nut. It would have been easier if you didn't remove it from the sink.
  11. JohnjH2o1

    Older widespread sink valve rebuild

    The small nut just below the handle needs to be removed to access the stem.
  12. JohnjH2o1

    Shallow well foot pump broken?

    Are you sure there is a foot valve in the shallow well as there is no reason for it. You have a check valve at the pump. My guess is the check valve is your problem.
  13. JohnjH2o1

    Removal of old shower drain base

    That is a poured lead joint. Drill more holes close together so you can pick out the lead with a screw driver. Under the lead is oakum a rope like material that can also be picked out freeing the base from the steel pipe.
  14. JohnjH2o1

    Crack in ABS shower drain pipe

    Can you say inside cutter?
  15. JohnjH2o1

    Crack in ABS shower drain pipe

    There is a cutter that cuts the pipe from the inside. Cut the pipe below the crack glue on a coupling with a section of pipe to the height you need.
  16. JohnjH2o1

    KOHLER Mobilizes in Response to Hurricane Dorian

    We have decided to ride it out. Check back Tues. if we still have internet hopefully we made the right decision.
  17. JohnjH2o1

    Excess flux - Pin Hole Leaks?

    Type M is the lightest weight copper you can buy. I have seen many pin hole leaks in type M in less time then 17 years.
  18. JohnjH2o1

    KOHLER Mobilizes in Response to Hurricane Dorian

    I'm right here in Melbourne FL.
  19. JohnjH2o1

    Rear outlet toilet flange. any ideas?

    You need a street closet flange. Try home depot be sure you fasten the flange to the wall. This flange will be too deep for a wall mount. Terry Love
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