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  1. KD

    Building a awning over a tankless WH.

    36 inches good idea. thaks
  2. KD

    Running wire for island receptacle in kitchen remodel

    I would use rigid steel conduit. There is no cover requirement but I usually cover it with an inch or more of concrete patching mortar. I recommend coating the cut concrete edges with concrete bond coating (glue). You could also use ENT encased in concrete your AHJ will tell you how much conc...
  3. KD

    Building a awning over a tankless WH.

    I have a tankless WH that has a flue that blows out the front of the unit. I want to build a metal awning about a foot above the WH to shield the WH from rain. Does this sound like a good idea?
  4. KD

    Takagi T4 starts with cold water use

    There is no expansion tank unless there is one inside the Takagi. I was thinking of installing one to reduce the abruptness when the water is shut off. Also I was thinking I could reduce the pressure to 50 lbs with a pressure valve, or is 85 psi OK?
  5. KD

    Takagi T4 starts with cold water use

    My new Takagi starts running and heating water when I turn off the cold water, like the garden hose. I installed a backflow preventer gravity valve then a spring type valve on the cold side feeding into the Takagi. Both did nothing. If I turn off the cold water slowly...there is no problem. The...
  6. KD

    Hot water stinks, but cold water is fine

    We have a small hot water heater in our office. The hot water smells like rotten eggs at the sink when you wash your hands. We have drained it and run lots of water but the smell remains. Should we flush it with white vinegar?
  7. KD

    Water meter shows flow

    1. I will check the toilets again today by turning off each of their water supply valves- and check the flow triangle. 2. Then I will turn off the cold water supply to the water heater and check the flow triangle. 3. It turns out that I already have a 2.1 gal. expansion tank on the hot water...
  8. KD

    Water meter shows flow

    I am thinking that the water meter does not register reverse flow, but each time there is a reverse flow, there is along with it a forward flow that does register -the result is the high bill. Do water meters work like that?
  9. KD

    Water meter shows flow

    One toilet is pressure assist. The other I have tested with food coloring. But your focus on toilet leaking is well taken. About 25% of toilets i use in locations other than my house, leak and waste lots of water. Our city gave out free installed 1.6 gallon flush toilets-a year later all of...
  10. KD

    What type of pipe for 180' well?

    Water in a 1.25 inch pipe weighs .53 lbs per foot. 180 feet = 95 lbs plus pump and PVC or poly weight. But last time we pulled out my 140 ft. deep pump, it seemed like 300 lbs even with three men lifting. I am using PVC sch 40 with couplings only no threads. What is the purpose of brass...
  11. KD

    Water meter shows flow

    Water bill is $250 per month, used to be $100. Can not find any leaks, both toilets have no leaks. With no one using water in the house, the little flow triangle on my water meter is stationary for about 5 seconds, then it moves forward, then backwards, then it bounces to a stop. 5 sec. later...
  12. KD

    8-3 Romex in PVC conduit

    Measure the outer diameter of the cable. Use Pi R squared to compute the area. If it is larger than .269 sq inches you cannot run 8-3wGn cable in 3/4 PVC 40 conduit. This is based on 53% fill. If size is OK put busings on each end, lube it, and pull it through. If not, install bigger conduit...
  13. KD

    Does 12-2 copper carry same current as 10-2 aluminum

    Do you mean that you tested a wire with a hot stick, it indicated dead, then when you pulled it out of the box it sparked? When working on an old house, I recommend shutting off all circuits except for one circuit that feeds a single outlet at the service box for tool power and for a cord to...
  14. KD

    kitchen peninsula outlet

    If installed on the top of the counter, you would need a periscope or pill box type of enclosure or a vertical wall or split level counter top wall, so that fluids could not be easily spilled into the outlet.
  15. KD

    AFCI Circuit trips when I turn on lights

    The list of codes being followed is just a starting point. What matters is the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) interpretation of the codes. For example, one city near me says no AFCI protection on paddle fans or smoke detectors. When I work in other AHJs, I have a check list that I...
  16. KD

    Connecting low-voltage conduit to electrical boxes

    It is OK to run cat5 or phone wires in metal conduit as long as you ground all the conduit. If you run any shielded (foil wrapped) communication wire, you must ground the shield or it will create its own interference. Do not try to have high and low voltage in a "separated" plastic box--I think...
  17. KD

    Dedicated Plasma TV circuit

    The problem with using #12 on lighting circuits is that you will probably cram too many wires in a box which is a Code violation. Some AHJs require all receptacles to be on 20 amp circuits.
  18. KD

    New Service Panel Question

    If your inspector allows you to use grommets they must be stapled within 8 inches of the box. Some allow lots of cables going thru one big grommet. Others say one cable--one hole.
  19. KD

    Replace weatherhead without turning off service?

    In my area, the electrician gets a permit and calls for inspection. The next morning PGE disconnects the power. After inspection, PGE reconnects the power the same day. I have the homeowner ask a friendly neighbor to borrow electricity for refrig. If there are no friendly neighbors, put a bunch...
  20. KD

    DW air gap

    Can I install a DW air gap outside the house? I have a one piece molded countertop/ sink. I could do it on the counter top but it would not drain into the sink it would drain onto the counter.
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