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  1. 480sparky

    Floor outlets

    Don't count on it. Not every inspector catches 100% of everything. You may get hit during trim.:(
  2. 480sparky

    Outdoor wiring of Christmas lights

    1. Check the listing of the lights. Most sets will state you can only string 2 or 3 sets together. 2. Circuit breakers only protect the wiring up to, and including, the receptacle. After that, all bets are off. 3. They probably went out because one bulb is loose, or burned out.
  3. 480sparky

    Best Drill Bit for Electrical Wiring

    Ask at a woodworking store.. they know people who sharpen saw blades, they can usually do these too.
  4. 480sparky

    Best Drill Bit for Electrical Wiring

    They're also called ship-auger bits. And you can get some that will go through nails with no problems.
  5. 480sparky

    installing a sub panel

    The NEC does not prohibit spicing feeders, so it must be a local amendment.
  6. 480sparky

    Power fizziling out

    Check the connections in the main panel if you are comfortable doing do. If not, try calling other electricians until you find one that is willing to help you out.
  7. 480sparky

    installing a sub panel

    As long as the jbox is large enough, the devices you use are listed for the size of wire you have, and the jbox is accessible when you are finished, it's perfectly OK.
  8. 480sparky

    No Idea how to do a load calculation.

    You don't have the needed information to do a calculation. They are not done by # of circuits and their ampacities. Go to Annex D of the NEC and look at the examples. You can get an idea on how it's performed by looking at them. Then go to Article 220.
  9. 480sparky

    100A Main Panel…..100A Branch Circuit?

    As long as the main panel has a 100a main breaker, there's nothing to prevent you from installing another 100a breaker for another panel. My question would be: Is the main panel already supplying another panel somewhere else? If so, you may run into problems overloading the main by putting...
  10. 480sparky

    Swithching 240 Volt, 2 leg circuit

    Opening one side of a 240V circuit is opening the circuit... no power can flow (I=0).
  11. 480sparky

    Table Lamp

    I'm in the 'it's not a 3-way socket' camp. Pull the bulb out and look inside the socket. If there's two connections, it's a 3-way. If there's one, it only takes a standard bulb. You can either install a standard bulb, or change the socket to a 3-way. It's easy to do... just make sure the...
  12. 480sparky

    Electricity is out in a bathroom

    If the light fixture is disconnected, then there's the problem. Or are you saying there's a short somewhere after the switch?
  13. 480sparky

    No idea when to use conduit

    334.12(B)(4). IN the 2005, it is vague and refers to 'exposed or subject to excessive moisture or dampness'. The inside of a raceway located outdoors is still an exterior location. In the 2008, it is clarified that NM cannot be installed in wet or damp locations.
  14. 480sparky

    Anyone know if there are new ARC FAULT requirements in NEC 2008?

    When (if they do) are they going to adopt the '08 in your area?.... that's the critical point you need to find out. Many places don't adopt the '08 automatically on Jan. 1, 2008. Some places may take two or three years to begin enforcing it.
  15. 480sparky

    Electricity is out in a bathroom

    Measuring across the two terminals of a switch is meaningless. What is the voltage between each terminal and ground when the switch is on? If they're both 120, the switch is OK, and you need to look elsewhere.
  16. 480sparky

    2 wire upgrade

    GFIs do not require a ground wire to provide protection. It does not matter whether you use a GFI breaker or GFI receptacle, they operate the the same. An ungrounded receptacle is allowed to be replaced with a grounded receptacle if GFI protection is provided. (National Electric Code 2005...
  17. 480sparky

    No idea when to use conduit

    Yes, but unless you're simply sleeving it for physical protection, there's no need to use NM. THHN is the way to go for an all-pipe job. BTW, the answer is "no" if the conduit is in a wet location (like outdoors or below grade).
  18. 480sparky

    Anyone know if there are new ARC FAULT requirements in NEC 2008?

    Yes, smoke detectors fall within the NEC definition of an outlet.
  19. 480sparky

    Anyone know if there are new ARC FAULT requirements in NEC 2008?

    Not quite. Only 15- and 20-amp circuits, and only those suppyling "family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreational rooms, closets, hallways, or similar rooms or areas..." Note that garages, laundry rooms, kitchens, baths, basements...
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