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    Treating High TDS

    I've run into another application with extreme TDS. 2100 to be exact. They currently have a 2cf softener to treat 117 hardness. They also have 6ppm iron. I'm treating the iron with cl injection/retention. The existing treated water is a surprising 5gpg the evening before regen. They don't want...
  2. Water Pro

    Installed filter, now Cold Water Sputtering

    try placing the carbon tank in bypass and see if it still occurs. are you certain you don't have a bad foot valve?
  3. Water Pro

    First time homeowner, need water softener advice

    sounds like a plan. a qualified water treatment professional would be preferred over a plumber for installation, but you can likely get by asking a few questions on here regarding proper programming. A coliform test is usually required by the bank, so your probably alright, but for like $30 for...
  4. Water Pro

    First time homeowner, need water softener advice

    your hardness isn't bad l. I know Gary recommended a 1 CF, and by his calculations that's correct. but for a home that size with 5 residents, I'd go with a 1.5 CF 48000 grain. the 2510 is an excellent valve, but a 5600 metered unit will work fine. your TDS is a little high. you may want to...
  5. Water Pro

    Fleck controller keeps running

    the cage (seal and spacer stack) and piston are replaced simultaneously.
  6. Water Pro

    Is my well water suitable for trees/garden/flowers/etc?

    your TDS is high. mainly consisting of sodium and chloride. NaCl interferes with a plants process of making chlorophyll. I would imagine different plants like different pH's.
  7. Water Pro

    Extremely bad water

    just an update. he's decided to sell the house as is. it's his mother in laws house and she passed.
  8. Water Pro

    Extremely bad water

    no report. my own testing (hach) have me those numbers. he has tds reading for the last 4 yrs. he's hovering between 5500 and 6800 depending on time of year
  9. Water Pro

    Extremely bad water

    my first thought was to get new for yrs the county dpw has left an uncovered salt pile next door. they've had a lawyer working on it for 6 yrs to no avail.
  10. Water Pro

    Extremely bad water

    I have a customer with 140+ GPG, 7 ppm Fe and 6800 tds. I'm a little apprehensive about taking the job. he doesn't want the cost of an RO. He wants Cl injection and softener. it's my belief that the softener will be in constant regeneration from the sodium added by the high tds and unable to...
  11. Water Pro

    What is the max safe working pressure for RO membranes?

    This must be a whole house unit? I think the max pressure should be no more than 150. I remember seeing the curve somewhere of psi/rejection flattening on a graph. not much is gained past 140-150. ^^Bannerman explains a lot.
  12. Water Pro

    What is the max safe working pressure for RO membranes?

    POU RO systems are usually rated to around 90 psi.
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    Fleck 5600SXT flow indicator issue. Possibly RO system issue

    the RO storage tank should have around 6 psi (no more than 8 psi). the more air in the bladder, the less room for water. Try bypassing the softener and see if your main faucet pressure returns. If you provide more information, such as how much water you use daily and iron, hardness and tds raw...
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    How do aquasensors work?

    if the aqua sensor is bypassed the unit should give you another option for regen trigger in the programming menu. simply unplug it from the control board
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    2005 Culligan Medallist 8" Issues City Water

    "C" units are proprietary. Only they can provide parts or service. You might try calling a local treatment expert who installs non-proprietary brands, such as Clack or Fleck. These valves are industry standard. Big box store units and online sellers are not recommended for numerous reasons...
  16. Water Pro

    Water Softener Planning Questions

    big box store units are of much lesser quality and much shorter lifespan. Online dealers usually skimp on the components. Best to purchase a fleck or clack from a reputable local dealer. Although, clack can't get circuit board for 2 months, so they're out of the question unless a dealer has some...
  17. Water Pro

    Water Results Back - Need Opinions On Treatment Equipment

    of the same size. ditto head may have more experience with baffled tanks.
  18. Water Pro

    Water Results Back - Need Opinions On Treatment Equipment

    you want a peristaltic pump imo. stay away from baffle tanks. they don't provide enough contact time. been there. done that. GAC will work fine. no catalytic needed.
  19. Water Pro

    Water Results Back - Need Opinions On Treatment Equipment

    avoid oxidizing iron in the well. no point in pushing rust through your pump and well line, or having it accumulate in your well.
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