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  1. Pirates712

    Best way to prevent another sewer backup

    Yeah, sorry if I wasn't clear. My intent would be to cap the unneeded drains and pump the sink drain. The sink pump discharge would just go up to the ceiling and then back down to the stack where it currently ties in (no new holes in the wall, no trenches outside). That way, sewage would have to...
  2. Pirates712

    Best way to prevent another sewer backup

    Thanks everyone! Regarding the overhead sewer option, since all my other drains will be above grade, I should only have to apply that to the laundry sink, right? Only downside is introducing a potential failure point (the pump). So the options are: 1.) backwater valve on the utility sink. If...
  3. Pirates712

    Best way to prevent another sewer backup

    This past Saturday, there was a clog in the sewer main a few hundred yards from my house. This provided the opportunity for me to learn that my basement shower drain is the lowest drain in the neighborhood. Sewage flowed from this drain for 2-3 hours before the town was able to find and clear...
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