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  1. Plumber69

    Furnace ECM blower!!

    Furnace blower runs all the time. Dissconnected thermostat wires, still runs. There's 2 wire harness that go to ecm, ones power the other is communication. With thermostat and communication harness disconnected the blower still runs. So I'm assuming there's a short in the ecm?
  2. Plumber69

    Identify tub cartridge

    Any ideas
  3. Plumber69

    Identify tub cartridge

    Any ideas
  4. Plumber69

    Low voltage to gas valve

    Sometimes I get 24 volts to furnace gas valve sometimes 10 volts. So obviously it won't fire at 10v. I'm leaning towards board. Can a faulty thermostat cause this
  5. Plumber69

    Hot surface igniter, ohms

    How do you test a hot surface igniter on a furnace or boiler. Do they all require different ohms or amps
  6. Plumber69

    Have you ever ProPressed soft copper?

    I would be worried if it was someone else's house
  7. Plumber69

    Ptrap gargle

    When I run the sink on the right, the middle sink ptrap gargles. If i take the AAV off problem goes away. Everything drains fine. Would that mean AAV isn't opening or it's pushing air instead of pulling or drain is partially plugged? Do they make more sensitive AAV?
  8. Plumber69


    How come trapping gas be an issue? It would circulate. Biggest question is why is trapped gas an issue?
  9. Plumber69

    Adding 2 sinks to laundry drain

    What do you think
  10. Plumber69


    The vent still drains back and has pitch.
  11. Plumber69


    If I pitch it so it drains, what's the issue
  12. Plumber69


    Why? It will still work. Same as a loop vent sorta
  13. Plumber69


    Can a vent go up, then over, then back down and tie into another dryvent
  14. Plumber69

    Thermostat connections D R B/C

    I'm replacing the thermostat the thermostat that's in now is hooked up to those terminals and works fine. I believe B/C is common
  15. Plumber69

    Thermostat connections D R B/C

    I want to swap out a thermostat for a high efficiency furnace. American Standard. On the furnace its labled D R B/C. I'm use to R W C. Can someone make sense of this for me
  16. Plumber69

    40 gallon with mixing valve verse 60 no mixing valve

    For a hot water tank, what's the pros and cons. Would it produce same amount of hot water
  17. Plumber69

    Manual balance valve, Mystery valves

    They are being used on a recirc line and are both fully open. There's a leak just past them
  18. Plumber69

    Manual balance valve, Mystery valves

    Can these be used as isolation valves? Are they flow control valves?
  19. Plumber69

    Second opinion drain block

    Sdr rubber?
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