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  1. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    Yes he was in and out in 2 min. Also on my second time replacing the rubber gasket and new pipe I felt a small nub inside the service wieght fitting. I got a hammer and chisel and it popped right off . No more leak.
  2. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    Honestly my stand pipe is only about 5 and half feet tall.
  3. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    I have used black swan before probably similar
  4. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    I'm probably going to fill it once more and if it leaks I'm cutting it out thanks
  5. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    I don't have a picture but it's a standard underground application 4" sw cast iron bell and spigot with ty seal gaskets. I have a test up with 10' of head and one of the gaskets is slightly leaking .I normally work with PVC for under ground and the few times I have worked with sw ty seal we had...
  6. Ulbin3

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    Besides cutting it out and replacing it. Does anybody have any tips or tricks to fix a service weight rubber gasket leak I have it up on test for the plumbing inspector and there is a slow drip coming out of one of the gaskets.
  7. Ulbin3

    Wet vent tie into a horizontal

    Can you tie in a wet vent in a horizontal at less then a 45° with a water closet up stream?
  8. Ulbin3

    Washer machine in basement

    Code says the trap has to be 18" max off of the floor
  9. Ulbin3

    Turning a home run vent to a drain

    We have a vent that's a home run from the second to third floor I want to utilize it as a future drain for a potential 3rd floor bathroom. I will run a new full sized vet for the second floor bath and tie in the future drain below all the second floor fixtures
  10. Ulbin3

    Washer machine in basement

    My sister in law bought a small cottage in Massachusetts she is gutting the whole house and its going to be a complete renovation for all the plumbing. In the basement the sanitary pipe leaving the building is around 22"from the floor above the code of 6"- 18" of a washer machine stand pipe...
  11. Ulbin3

    Bathroom group

    Can I tie in my shower and lav to my 3" horizontal water closet drain? My shower and and lav are at a higher elevation then the water closet drain. But the shower is wet vented by my lav and the water closet is within 9' of the vented vertical stack. The water closet drain runs below the floor...
  12. Ulbin3

    Vertical wet vent for WC?

    WC has to tie in below the 2" shwr/Lav 10" center to center
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