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    It takes me 10 to 15 tries to flush my toilet

    Use of low-flush toilets started in the 1990s after President George H.W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act. The 1992 law said new toilets could use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The law went into effect in 1994 for residential buildings and 1997 for commercial structures...
  2. Speedbump

    Bird Feed Comparison, Target Kaytee and Costco

    Your so sweet. You got any seeds for one??? I found out my little three pound dog likes green grapes the other day. Then Barb tells me they are like chocolate to dogs. I didn't know that. Popcorn is the Hawk, right?
  3. Speedbump

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong!!!

    Ok, just so we get on the same page. The Foot valve is under the two pipe jet. The foot valve simply holds the water in the pipes. The jet is what houses the nozzle and venturi. I used to have Sta-Rite charts on all their nozzles and venturi's. They made way too many. The easy way to do...
  4. Speedbump

    How to clean point screen?

    If you have a 13 foot well, I would doubt there is anything in the code anywhere that would allow that. Although I could be wrong. The words sand point usually means a DIY well. Drillers don't haul thousands of dollars worth of equipment to drill 13' wells. So what size is the well (in...
  5. Speedbump

    shallow well pump question

    You do know if you get this to work, your going to have a mild trickle at the other end if your lucky. Nothing more.
  6. Speedbump

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong!!!

    What kind of jet? Single pipe or two pipe? What size casing? Did someone tell you that nozzle/venturi combination would work with that pump and water level? How many gallons of water per minute do you expect to get from this hookup? Is this a DIY well or was it drilled by a pro?
  7. Speedbump

    How to clean point screen?

    Could be more once you get past the clay, and maybe not! So the well terminates below ground with a tee and a standpipe bringing the whole thing above ground? If I have that right, cut the pipe in front of the pump or at the well if you can and cap it. Cut the cap off the top and...
  8. Speedbump

    Bird Feed Comparison, Target Kaytee and Costco

    That's what I need. Little Wells. I would much rather have little money trees!
  9. Speedbump

    Water level sensor connections

    It sure would be easier to figure out if it were in English.
  10. Speedbump

    Water level sensor connections

    Three and four look like your normally open or normally closed connections. One would be the common. The one with the zero below it eludes me, but the other hot would go to the lead with the 230 below it (if you are applying 230 votls). I THINK. Don't take this as gospel cause it's not in...
  11. Speedbump

    Gallionella ferruginea...

    My findings tell me that IRB can live in surface water supplies but not in the actual un-polutted aquifer. That's why there is so much talk about proper grouting of drilled wells. Especially rotored wells. I'm thinking, these drillers in your area since they poo poo the bacteria may be the...
  12. Speedbump

    Rotten egg smell

    Not me. When I was in my young twenties working for the County Road Commission surveying. I had a crew chief that was straight as an arrow. One day, we were supposed to lay out where a large (I believe 12") gas main was supposed to be located before widening a road. The as built drawings...
  13. Speedbump

    Well with both hand pump and compressor?

    This compressor thing is new to me. Can you tell me how it works? Does it pressurize a tank somehow? What kind of hand pump? Deep well or a Pitcher pump?
  14. Speedbump

    Gallionella ferruginea...

    That's what I would do, the two wells I encountered IRB in here, shocking fixed both of them. I don't agree that filtration is the way to go when you can kill the bacteria once and for all. And if you read up on it, I think you will find the bacteria exists in the casing, not in the aquifer.
  15. Speedbump

    Gallionella ferruginea...

    The Neutralizer would make the iron filter work it's best. After the Calcite, you would inject the chlorine (provided you do have IRB) into a mixing tank, then the water would go into the iron filter. The Calcite (neutralizer) will make your water a bit harder, but you can always deal with...
  16. Speedbump

    How it works Water Well Pump

    That's a nice explanation of how the three basic pumps work. It's written with the homeowner in mind. However I'm wondering when it was written. Since the above statement seems to be true of pumps made about that same number of years ago.
  17. Speedbump

    Gallionella ferruginea...

    Trust me, one pellet a day will do enough damage in a short time that you'll wish you had never had one. With your level of iron and what you've explained, I don't think you have that serious of a problem.
  18. Speedbump

    Hydrocare HC38 Thoughts???

    I'm just ribbing you. I hope you don't think I'm actually going to debate this with you.
  19. Speedbump

    Well head hissing when pump is on??

    Drillers did the downware screen thing in Michigan 35+ years ago. Then it kind of want away. No difference. Bacteria can go through a much smaller hole than you have in a door screen. It will keep bugs out though. When the well seal is tightened properly, it's not air tight, but it's...
  20. Speedbump

    Gallionella ferruginea...

    On the reduced then improved gpm rating. I'm not sure what caused it, but with the pumps I described, bringing them back to the shop and running them in the test bench did not flush them out. We had to let them dry out. The iron becoming dry would then flake off and running them in the test...
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