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  1. Ben67

    Shower Drain Receiving Pipe

    Thanks for the reply. That is what I have been trying to undo, but it seems that the builder has used some sort of silicon glue which makes it really hard to unscrew. I was thinking of using a hair dryer to heat the joint and then try to unscrew it. I am going in the right direction or am I...
  2. Ben67

    Shower Drain Receiving Pipe

    I just found out that the second floor shower drain is leaking. The good thing is that the ceiling has been removed for repair so I have complete access to the piping. From what I can see the receiving part of the pipe is bad. I tried to remove with with special tool but it does not turn...
  3. Ben67

    American Standard Champion 4

    I have been trying to find a Caroma Caravelle with no luck. From what I can see the American Standard Champion 4 looks like a good alternative for a toilet that does not clog. It has a 2 3/8" trapways which does not having sharp turns. Has anyone had one of this clogged? A family member with...
  4. Ben67

    Skirted Caroma Toilet

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Does anyone know where to buy a Caroma Caravelle in Washington State? I have tried to find one with no luck.
  5. Ben67

    Skirted Caroma Toilet

    Thanks for the reply. I have decided to go with Caroma. Do you have any experience installing this brand? The Caroma skirted toilets have only two holes on the sides which attaches them to a plastic adaptor. This worries me about thier long-term stability.
  6. Ben67

    Skirted Caroma Toilet

    I am planning to replace all of our toilets in my house. I have decided to go with Caroma but cannot decide between regular or skirted. From what I have learned the regular toilets are securely bolted to the floor. However, the skirted ones are attached to a plastic adaptor on the sides. My...
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