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  1. Helper Dave

    Venting Tie-In - Dumb Question

    If you have a floor drain that was individually vented, that's often a solid spot to tie basement fixture vents into. It'd be nearish the floor drain, and generally the only 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" pipe going into the basement floor. Run any fixtures above, and listen/feel for drainage if you're at...
  2. Helper Dave

    Can you identify Loud Dishwasher drain noise from airgap?

    Sounds pretty normal (sorry). Dunno if it's an option for you, but here in WI, where air gaps are also required, we have the option of draining a dishwasher right to a stand pipe under the sink, too. This requires the kitchen sink line to be 2" instead of 1 1/2" (1 1/2" traps for the dw, and...
  3. Helper Dave

    Commercial plumbing - trench drains in rows

    We do our own thing here in WI, but it is similar to the bigger codes in places, so I don't know if IPC specifies this like our code does, but so long as you roll the initial vent fitting up past the spring line, the vent can run under the slab until you need to bring it up. Only wall outlet...
  4. Helper Dave

    Sewage gas mystery

    There's a p-trap under your shower, so there will always be water sitting there. If running your shower doesn't very quickly back up your shower, that's not the problem. If it doesn't seem to be a wax ring problem, and this one's a little outta left field, but we have run across renos where...
  5. Helper Dave

    Using Insulated Pipe Supports for PEX Pipe

    We use 1 1/4" 2-hole straps on 1/2" with the foam tube insulation; 1 1/2" straps for 3/4" insulated.
  6. Helper Dave

    Understanding Dry fit and glue up

    Yeah, what you read about dry fitting is wrong. Plumbers don't work that way. You can dry fit a fitting or two just to see if it looks about right, but you gotta trust your measurements, and glue as you go. Once you've got a fitting where it needs to be, you glue, and carry on measuring...
  7. Helper Dave

    Will this laundry drain in basement pass inspection?

    Minimum trap arm length is indeed 2x pipe diameter in WI [SPS 382.31 (9)(b)]. That's from the trap weir to the vertical portion of vent, and it looks like you have it. You'll get dinged for not having a cleanout on that stack. A 3" cleanout would need to be added above the double tee (28"-60"...
  8. Helper Dave

    Delta Kitchen Faucet Clunks -- Then Refuses to Give Water. Whazzup?

    Sounds like a low pressure problem. If no clogs in the faucet, have you tried putting a braided supply on the stops, and turning them on (pointed into a bucket)? The clog could be in the valve there, or further down the line.
  9. Helper Dave

    Replacing Polyethylene pipe running to toilet supply

    No way to say. Could have been replaced for a number of reasons, so you can't know how much was replaced without getting eyes on it. You could pop a hole in the wall, and get an inspection camera in there if you've got one. Otherwise, drywall replacement can be cheaper.
  10. Helper Dave

    SOLVED: Yet another posi-temp flow issue (but probably not what you think)

    Late reply ... still having this problem? What kind of pipes do you have supplying the shower? Another little test could help you out. Take the cartridge out, and have someone slowly turn your main valve on as you watch the water come straight outta the valve body. Put a towel around it so you...
  11. Helper Dave

    American Plumber Stories

    Dig the videos so far, and I like that logo. Tempted to grab up a hoodie.
  12. Helper Dave

    Side Inlet -- Donut??

    Yeah, you're not getting plastic in that CI. I'd do what James said.
  13. Helper Dave

    Shower Pipe Connection

    I would want that shower bar more or less centered on the drain. How's that all line up at the moment?
  14. Helper Dave

    Cutting bathroom lines/ faucet

    Pics, brand, details? All that would help. Generally, though, DO NOT CUT faucet supply lines. They all come way too long. You just loop them to connect to your shut off valves.
  15. Helper Dave

    P-trap blockout

    Pull the wood out. Don't want anything that can rot under there. We do our shower blocks 8"x8", so 12" is great. It's nice to leave it open for setting the shower. If your measurements were off at all, you can use offsets on the riser to correct it, too.
  16. Helper Dave

    Best method for plumbing kitchen island vent

    Yeah, just about everyone uses AAV's now. The island/return/loop vent is still a "better" method, but a lot of building techniques are about faster these days, not better.
  17. Helper Dave

    Kitchen Sink Under Window Question

    NE WI here. We put exterior water lines though the floor. Drain and vent can be in the wall. No traps in the wall, though. Just be cautious/aware that when drilling through window framing (king and jack studs) for your vent and drain, some inspectors will require you to support it with stud shoes.
  18. Helper Dave

    New Kitchen Sink & Faucet - Big Box Store or Plumb Supply?

    Plumbing supply house. Some have show rooms attached, or ones they work with. Go to one. Touch stuff, look it over real good. That's the best way to figure the quality as far as I'm concerned. Faucets at the big box are often pretty close to supply house stuff, but they might have plastic drain...
  19. Helper Dave

    Shower drain and wet vent install check

    Let's talk about that sink drain going into the combo, if that's what it is. Do my eyes deceive me, or are the 22s offsetting upwards to that joist? Like, is that combo higher than the rest of the pipe to the right in that picture?
  20. Helper Dave

    Which drain pipe to use?

    My guess is that the 2" is the drain. We're in WI, and plumb basement sink roughs exactly like that. The sink wet vents the bathroom group. The other vent is usually a floor drain.
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