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  1. John Gayewski

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    Its cold during those months. The heat for your house is running less becuse your water heater and recirculation line are giving the house heat.
  2. John Gayewski

    Waterproof electric heater?

    That's a big light bulb, lol. I would just get the light.
  3. John Gayewski

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    The control method would be an aquastat. Which stays hot all of the time and doesn't save energy. An aqua stat only makes sense on a high temp system in my opinion. Hot buttons are silly in my opinion. Wiring it to the bathroom light makes sense some of the time. Otherwise an aquastat is gonna...
  4. John Gayewski

    help needed for navien 240a recirculation inlet filter

    Open the cabinet and take a picture. I think you need to further disassemble the unit to get this apart.
  5. John Gayewski

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    I would have him pipe the recirc to the bottom of the tank.
  6. John Gayewski

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    People don't install them correctly and the recirc line becomes a long warm dead leg and promotes bacteria. They are required to have a mechanical pump to force circulation. I'd have to look to cite the code section in the upc. As far as ipc no idea if it's remained legal.
  7. John Gayewski

    Mistaken flange ring for a flange, cut off top of closet bend, what options now?

    I would use an inside pipe cutter and a pipe reamer to remove the toilet flange and reglue another one. This should be fairly easy. If that's not possible you'd need a two piece repair flange to capture the black flange from moving downward. Then a hydro seat.
  8. John Gayewski

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    I only use swing checks on these they work just fine. Any check valve can become stuck open the reason to use a spring check isn't becuse it's less likley to become stuck. You should also be aware that gravity systems aren't legal and there's a possibility you'll have to add a pump on the future.
  9. John Gayewski

    Recirculation pump system

    You only need one pump and two valves.
  10. John Gayewski

    Shower drain relocation

    That's fine and commonly done.
  11. John Gayewski

    Descaling Navien NPE-240A with no shutoff for Recirculation line

    Yes you need the valve set for maintenance.
  12. John Gayewski

    Is this spigot likely sweated on?

    I'm betting threaded also.
  13. John Gayewski

    Can a DIY guy install/replace a water softener?

    Yes you can install it yourself but there are more than two connections to make.
  14. John Gayewski

    Horizontal vent tie in

    Not a good solution. Your drain should probably be in the side wall so your vent can be fully vertical.
  15. John Gayewski

    DIY vent design

    I suggest you add a cleanout on the wet vent around the toilet area. Your have 5 90° bends in that wet vent section maybe after the first two 90's make an accessible cleanout.
  16. John Gayewski

    Domestic water line reroute

    The conduit has bends to keep it tight to the wall. You'll need 45 degree fittings soldered on to move they closer to the wall. 4 of them actually and you'll need some solder and flux or a pro press.
  17. John Gayewski

    Changing diameter of trap arm to gain distance?

    I thought Kansas was upc. Maybe I'm thinking Minnesota, either way a dry vent is almost certainly possible it probably depends how far you want to take this project i.e. tearing out drywall or building stone kind of soffit to run the pipe. I agree a 3" trap arm for this is worse than an aav.
  18. John Gayewski

    Sealant for threaded chrome plated 1-1/4 in brass tailpiece into tee

    Most instruction sheets for these say to use Teflon tape on these threads. Generally I wrap it with tape and then cut the excess that hangs below and would be exposed. I usually dope the rubber washer and a small portion of those upper threads to prevent water from spiraling down the threads.
  19. John Gayewski

    Sanitary Tee

    You also can't mix schedule 80 pipe with schedule 40 fittings and pipe. Also the ABS shouldn't be mixed with these. You need to take this out and use like material with like fittings. Pvc schedule 40
  20. John Gayewski

    Which is better for a heat trap a loop or ball float

    Your saying your hot water line is conducting heat (however far)? How far? I find it hard to believe that there is no flow and the heat is conducted more than a couple of feet. Your saying you shut a valve and it stops, that would be indication that your stopping some flow.
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