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  1. Hightechburrito

    Tub fills faster than open drain can handle?

    I'm not a plumber, so I can't really comment on whether the drain should be able to keep up with the supply, but it makes sense that a tub spout doesn't have any flow restriction, so the drain may not be able to keep up. How often are you running the tub without closing the stopper? It's also...
  2. Hightechburrito

    Tub fills faster than open drain can handle?

    The tub spout has a much greater flow rate than the shower or sink faucets. Probably like 7-10 gpm vs 1-1.5 gpm. Does the stopper come completely out of the drain? It may be a tight gap when it's just lifted that doesn't allow it to keep up with the supply.
  3. Hightechburrito

    Washing machine drain pan plumbing and washer hoses/drain pipe.

    No input on your question, but it looks like whatever is plugged into the bottom of the electrical receptacle isn't fully inserted..
  4. Hightechburrito

    Water softener guys placed drain into my Ceiling sewer vent and disaster happended?!!!What are my rights and what would you guys do?

    Are you asking what needs to be done to fix the damage, or who's supposed to pay for it? If you're okay with the potential flag on your homeowner's insurance (and paying a deductible), the easiest thing to do would be to go through your insurance. They'd bring in a company to perform whatever...
  5. Hightechburrito

    Remodeling small ensuite bathroom - best layout?

    Two potential issues I see with the layout in your second post: 1) There's going to be some water splashed outside the area with the sloped floor in the shower, and without a slope it won't go into the drain. You'll need to squeegee it into the sloped area after showering. 2) That slope looks...
  6. Hightechburrito

    Bathroom p-trap nut with plumbers putty?

    Is everything else glued but the connection between the waste arm and the trap? With no way to adjust the position of the waste arm, it might not be well aligned to the trap, which could result in the seal between those parts not mating correctly, which would result in a slow drip, drip, drip...
  7. Hightechburrito

    What mortar over Kerdi to bond overhead tile?

    Good information above so far. I've always found the John Bridge forums to be very helpful for tile-specific questions. Others have already mentioned this, but the issue is that some modified thin-set mortars need to dry out in order to cure. When you...
  8. Hightechburrito

    Tub Leaks When Draining Full Tub, But Not When Spout or Shower Runs

    Your thread title says that the tub leaks when draining. Are you sure of this, or just assuming because you noticed the leak as the tub was draining? If it was a leak through the overflow, it may have been slow enough to show up on the floor below that it wasn't noticed until the tub was...
  9. Hightechburrito

    Rotted Tub Overflow Gasket

    In my ongoing bathroom renovation, I went to replace by tub overflow cover with a new finish, and found that the gasket between the tub and overflow drain mostly gone. There were only a few pieces of pretty crumbly gasket left, but most of it was totally gone. Is this a pretty simple fix...
  10. Hightechburrito

    Most likely source or water around toilet

    Remodeling a bathroom and found my subfloor lookin like the attached picture. I had linoleum flooring with 3/8” particle board underpayment on top of the subfloor. The particle board was pretty crumbly above the stain around the toilet flange. There doesn’t seem to be any major damage to the...
  11. Hightechburrito

    Resetting toilet, new tank bolts?

    I’m refreshing my second bathroom, but going to reuse the toilet since it’s not that old (about 6 years). Should I replace the tank bolts, or use the ones already installed? I did not separate the tank from the bowl when I removed the toilet. Thanks.
  12. Hightechburrito

    Plastic washer for closet bolt bending

    Just installed a new Toto Drake II toilet, and noticed that since the holes in the base of the toilet are so large compared to the plastic washer for the decorative cap, that the plastic washer starts bending before the nuts feel very tight. The order I have things installed is (from toilet...
  13. Hightechburrito

    Buildup in trap and drain pipe - black sludge

    I would say it's about a 1" opening, before it was probably half that. My other sink is right behind this, and I can see the waste arm past the opening. I suppose I could push on through the stubout in that bathroom. I'd hesitate to push on it from this side in case it falls down the vertical...
  14. Hightechburrito

    Buildup in trap and drain pipe - black sludge

    I went at it with the auger I had and was able to open the hole up to about twice the size, pulled out a few big chunks of gunk along the way. What's left seems pretty hard. Going to try some enzyme based drain cleaner for a few weeks then revisit. Thanks.
  15. Hightechburrito

    Buildup in trap and drain pipe - black sludge

    Thanks. I have one of these: But it just passes right through the hole in the buildup. Should try spinning with the tip against the buildup and see if it breaks it up? Or do I need something with a...
  16. Hightechburrito

    Buildup in trap and drain pipe - black sludge

    As part of my continuing bathroom renovation, I've moved onto replacing a sink and vanity. When I pulled the old trap assembly out of the drain stubout, it was about half blocked with black sludge. I can tell it has hair in it and seems a bit sandy/gritty. The pictures show after I pulled as...
  17. Hightechburrito

    Rusted Toilet Flange

    It's not going to bother me as long as its not a problem. It's been unsupported for 55 years, and from what I've read in other threads wasn't uncommon at the time. Thanks.
  18. Hightechburrito

    Rusted Toilet Flange

    Another question I had is what size pipe do I actually have? In the attached picture, the ID of the pipe is around 3.5" (maybe 3.75" after cleaning the gunk). I'm planning on screwing down the plywood to the subfloor tonight. Should be much stronger than the 3/8" particle board that was down...
  19. Hightechburrito

    Unsupported Cast Iron Toilet Flange

    Just more questions, and couldn't find my old thread on mobile...
  20. Hightechburrito

    Unsupported Cast Iron Toilet Flange

    I'm in the middle of renovating a bathroom of my 1960's built house, and noticed my toilet flange isn't really attached to the flooring. The only thing possibly providing any support were some nails that were driven at an angle into the subfloor and bent over the outside of the flange (can't...
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