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  1. Cookie

    What happend to Bob Bob ?

    HEY! Silver? you must think I am old... :) lol. Just been busy... Miss you guys, too.
  2. Cookie

    Jimbo's passing. He will be missed.

    Dear Patti, Your dad was a great guy. I am really sorry to hear of your loss. Take care, Cookie
  3. Cookie

    Sauk Mountain Trail 613, Rockport Washington. With pictures

    I'll look at the other images later, I am looking at yours, lol. you look great!
  4. Cookie

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Well... I look at it this way, I got 59 years on this tooth, better mileage than any car. :)
  5. Cookie

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Don you didn't do bad... Terry, it sounds painful! I broke a tooth... :(
  6. Cookie

    Happy Friday the 13th

    You got 3 more hours Don... you can do it!
  7. Cookie

    Emails go to trash

    Do you have it set up in your email where, you have any emails directed to the trash that is similar? I have a few email addresses that I set up that goes directly to the trash and doesn't even collect 200 for going past Go... lol. And, I noticed, that similar addresses get routed there as...
  8. Cookie

    Exercise for people over 50

    ha ha ha, I can post pictures of the handweights! Still got them, still unused. lol.
  9. Cookie

    Exercise for people over 50

    True story! lol. Poor Ricardo...
  10. Cookie

    Exercise for people over 50

    I have a male cousin who used to take empty coffee cans and fill them with sand to use as weights. Years ago, on a nice day I decided to walk down a very steep hill with my 2 little boys to Kmart. We saw an assortment of different small exercise hand held weights about 10 pounds a piece. We...
  11. Cookie

    Exercise for people over 50

    Because I can. :)
  12. Cookie

    Lodge Lake Hike near Snoqualmie West Ski area.

    Really beautiful Terry...
  13. Cookie

    My EMG test

    This is for Ian... lol :)
  14. Cookie

    My EMG test

    That picture is unreal, lol... and, yes, I know they are your people... :) I remember years ago, the first time I used a slant board, I guess I was slippery and slid right off of it...onto my head. This may be baiting myself, lol, but, that is why... I am brain damaged, lol. If Ian was...
  15. Cookie

    Am I crazy for wanting to re-use 1950's tub toilet sink?

    There is a restaurant near where I live that is the '50's', it is really, neat to eat in. Kind of like the Happy Days. Even the bathrooms are retro. I don't know if they are the originals fixtures or replicas. If using them, gives you pleasure I say go for it. It can always be changed later...
  16. Cookie

    The Bite of Seattle, Sunday the 21st Seattle Center, Rockaraoke and Longstride

    Terry, you got a good voice! Now, I know where your son got it from.
  17. Cookie

    Ceiling fan

    People ask me why I put about Prostate Cancer on my website for Lymphoma. I tell em, because if I had one, I would have that type, too. lol. If you want a little chuckle, read... My day.. I don't get no respect, on my website. True story, kind of funny.
  18. Cookie

    Ceiling fan

    I didn't get the other electrician out yet, because I got sidetracked on the front trees. Two had to come down. They were big. They housed a lot of birds and squirrels which makes me feel bad. I looked out the morning after at the front and saw a robin walking the road, kind of like pacing...
  19. Cookie

    Ceiling fan

    I didn't get my favorite electrician today. Instead, I got someone nice enough, but... he would only check the wiring on the switch and tell me it was the bulbs, saying Sylvania are bad, so, we did tried different bulbs. Now, granted, I may look blonde, lol, but, it is fake blonde. I am real...
  20. Cookie


    ha ha ha ha, I love it! I am glad I am someone's, usually... I am just someone's pain the butt, :) Good to hear from you M.
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