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  1. viper1

    Trusting my ability to Solder?

    While I fully agree with crimps in certain situations, there are also situations where solder is just needed. I suspect the crimp stuff will be like an auto vs manual transmission. It will always be good to know how to solder and hone that skill when needed. I recently did a water softener...
  2. viper1

    Convection loop stopped with new water heater install

    I think you need to crudely draw this up and post it. I have no idea what a "convection loop" is. If you have a recirc circuit, you usually want a pump in there. It sounds like you have connected hot and cold together. I just cannot make sense of your setup. If your hot leg goes to a...
  3. viper1

    Low pressure after replumbing bathroom

    Just because your water company says "it's fine" does not give me fuzzies. my guess is they just 'look' at the valve and tell ya its good. I think you are chasing your tail and the problem is that valve!! They can twist that shaft and cause this. Listen, I work professionally at issues...
  4. viper1

    Low pressure after replumbing bathroom

    Sounds like a valve is not all the way open. Who shut off the main valve at the meter? You or? That is the first thing to check. Then at the end of that 1500ft run, you need to test for proper flow right off that line. If you have a spigot right off that line, no regulator, etc, and you...
  5. viper1

    Well water pressure drops to 0 during water softener regeneration

    I don't recommend lowering the tank pressure any more. You will get to a point of unacceptable indoor performance. Rather, I would slightly tune the pressure switch on 'cut-in". I do this all the time. Look up the directions. Contrary to "across-the-line" starts on a pump, your modulated...
  6. viper1

    Well water pressure drops to 0 during water softener regeneration

    OP, you mentioned a 'lever' on the side of the pressure switch. that means you have a a low pressure cut out which is intended to protect against a pump pulling the well dry. They have to be tuned right but in most cases I have found them to be a serious problem. I actually tried one on my...
  7. viper1

    Home Pressure Test, where does the water go if not a leak?

    LOL, I will not agree with above at all. Those pressures mean something is wrong. I don't care that the piping is "rated" for it, you have to look at everything connected to that. You are asking for it. You are also trying to use some sort of "device" for a basic leak test. A good plumber...
  8. viper1

    UPC and IRC fuel gas. Propane in small cabin

    Alright, well that code seems to be rather explicit and though we could maybe consider all the provisions of a sealed space, I think natural direct vent will just be required. So....... It looks like AO smith, Bradford, and Rheem have direct vent models. Any other bargain tanks we can...
  9. viper1

    UPC and IRC fuel gas. Propane in small cabin

    I have but those "natural direct vent" heaters are very rare, expensive, and hard to find. My intent was to use a common tank that could be easily replaced. Outdoor install is not an option due to freeze. What is odd is I have seen countless bathrooms with a tank in them. Not saying they...
  10. viper1

    UPC and IRC fuel gas. Propane in small cabin

    Thanks Terry. Not to argue but I am curious where in code it says that a WH cannot be in a bathroom? I did talk to a plumber friend that indicated it was fine, and I believe under UPC it indicates a gas appliance cannot be in a habitable room unless direct vented. However, under IRC it...
  11. viper1

    UPC and IRC fuel gas. Propane in small cabin

    Just bumping to see if any plumbers can help? Gotta figure this out soon.
  12. viper1

    Home Pressure Test, where does the water go if not a leak?

    I agree with above to leave things off for a longer period. However, I will make the assumption this is a municipal supply and you are shutting off at the meter? One thing you need to do is check the pinwheel on the meter. If it turns at all, there is water moving. You can also record a...
  13. viper1

    Purple primer on threads

    Love to meet the tool that primes For the cost of this hassle, I recommend cutting the main pipe and just rebuilding it. Always cut closer to what you are replacing to leave good pipe for another screwup. As well, it sounds like something needs corrected if you keep having...
  14. viper1

    Can this ball valve be repaired, or just replace?

    Oh, on the home owner side, I do repairs like this. It might not make time sense, but can repaired cheap. Usually a nylon washer or Oring is all. Cur pipe and give it a spin but make sure you back it up at the valve or you will be replacing more than a valve.
  15. viper1

    I have a really quick question, can't find the answer anywhere.

    I have worked miles and miles of high pressure 2" in golf course irrigation. I agree with above that I just don't trust those slip couplers. Not because they won't work, but because you don't always know exactly how everything will fit until you throw the glue. You have seconds. I agree with...
  16. viper1

    Pressure flow pipe size question

    OP, I did not make it through all the replies but I wanted to provide some helpful info. I am in the engineering field and run stuff like this daily. One thing you must realize is pressure drop through a pipe is relative to the flowrate you try to flow through it. If you only need .1GPM...
  17. viper1

    UPC and IRC fuel gas. Propane in small cabin

    I used to work for a plumbing company and have done plenty, but crossing a bridge here trying to get a small cabin built in a picky county. We have adopted 2018 IRC but plumbing was specifically deleted and reverts to UPC code. My plan... Cabin will use a direct vent 11k btu wall furnace...
  18. viper1

    Question on pressure tank set pressure. Also pressure switch.

    THANK YOU! This is a submersible pump but I am using it for construction purposes as well in which I will drive the pressure quite low at full flow. I need to bypass the low pressure cutout so the pump will keep running. Can you direct me to a writeup? I am literally minutes from pulling...
  19. viper1

    Question on pressure tank set pressure. Also pressure switch.

    Have a brand new pressure tank I bought just as a temporary to be installed outdoors. It sits right next to the well. I ran some tests with it and maybe I have usually set things in the past and ran with them but I currently have the pressure switch set at 30/50, and pressure tank at 28psi...
  20. viper1

    New water well cloudy and initial odor

    First should mention I am not new to water wells. Have drilled them before. I have a newer rural property and knew it was going to be sketchy to get much flowrate around here. I had a friend/pro well driller do this one. I was onsite to make the calls based on what we hit. Basically nothing...
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