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  1. DaveTaylor

    Adding to old vertical stack

    Thanks for the input but I'm still confused. 99% sure I'm going to have a plumber tackle this but I still want to know what's going on. Basically, I think everything dumps into this vertical which is a wet vent for the toilet. The bathroom sink is at the top I assume, draining into it and using...
  2. DaveTaylor

    Adding to old vertical stack

    Hello all, I am adding a new bathroom on the main floor and the current drainage exits the basement through a high line. I've been told "there isn't enough room in this stack" and it needs to be totally redone. My first question is, based on the picture could I run the tub drain into a side...
  3. DaveTaylor

    Vertical Stack- Need to add on

    Hi everyone. New user here with an older home that I am looking to add a bathroom to. Two plumbers have been out and listed all of the things wrong with the main stack in my basement. They want huge money to rework it and add on. I'm just curious if someone can tell me what the issue is? I have...
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