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  1. Peterson

    Installing a Salvaged 1930s Flushometer Toilet

    That's a nice bathroom! The tile and wallpaper look fantastic and very period appropriate. Everything looks very well taken care of. With the new plumbing regulations, I would be tempted to leave well enough alone and not touch this. I'm not sure about this, but you might be able to get a...
  2. Peterson

    Alternative to Toto

    I would go with a Kohler Highline Tall toilet if the people in your family are that tall. The bowl is 19 inches tall and is elongated. With a seat, it will probably make it 20 inches. They work great! I don't really know anything about bidets, but If you really want a bidet seat, I'm sure...
  3. Peterson

    1950s american standard toilet flush valve

    I think that flush valve should fit just fine. You have a 1950's Master One Piece toilet. Very nice toilet! There are videos online showing how to retrofit them. Some of these older One Piece toilets had curtain flush valves. Video: Retrofitting a One Piece American Standard toilet
  4. Peterson

    Fluidmaster Flush Valve fill extremely slow (built in flow restrictor).

    I just recently replaced the fill valve in a toilet for my neighbor and she bought a FluidMaster. I too was very disappointed at how long it took to fill the tank (and it was a 1.6 tank). They have low water pressure and it took forever to fill the tank. I took a needle nose pliers and pulled...
  5. Peterson

    New twist in the quest for a toilet!

    I never caulk around the toilet. I prefer to keep it caulk free so if the thing leaks, I can immediately see it instead of having water build up under the toilet. Also, if I change the floor, you can just lift the toilet up.
  6. Peterson

    New twist in the quest for a toilet!

    I just installed a 12" Rough In Kohler Wellworth and noticed that there was about an inch gap between the tank and the wall.
  7. Peterson

    Wax on? Wax off?

    I have used the Korky Waxless seal before and it worked great. What I liked about it was that it had layers that you could peel off to adjust the height depending on the floor you have. You can also move and position the toilet just right before tightening it down. No leaks and it's been in...
  8. Peterson

    Best options for 14" rough-in (2023)

    Maybe the Gerber Maxwell? The 14" Rough In is 30.75 inches and it is elongated. The Cadet Pro is too modern looking a historic house. This is going to be frowned upon, but I'd be tempted to look at salvage yards for an older 14" rough in toilet that has the depth and style that you need...
  9. Peterson

    Need to replace wall hung toilets?

    The first toilet sounds totally shot (the one with the repaired crack). If a toilet is cracked, its got to go. I'd replace it with a Gerber Maxwell Wall Hung Toilet which will fit on the 4 bolt hanger you have. The second toilet might be salvageable if you can get the tank off the bowl to...
  10. Peterson

    How to diagnose plugged vent stack? Slow toilet...

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe there is some foreign object lodged in the trapway of the bowl that is moving around when flushing, but not able to clear the bowl. That could slow the water down to prevent a siphoning of the bowl. I'd stick a bottle brush up through the siphon jet...
  11. Peterson

    Toto Drake questions

    If you have to go to the trouble of grinding down imperfections on the bowl, I'd send it back. That's not acceptable.
  12. Peterson

    How to diagnose plugged vent stack? Slow toilet...

    Is the siphon jet at the bottom of the bowl plugged with lime and calcium? You'd want to take a small screw driver and stick it in the jet and scrape out any minerals. Without that jet having water go through it, the bowl won't siphon out.
  13. Peterson

    Does this sound like the toilet is leaking?

    That's just probably excess water from the bowl filling up that is running down the drain. My toilet does the same thing. I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Peterson

    old high gallon toilet question

    If you lower the water level in the tank, It's going to flush slower and not as powerful, but it also may work just fine. Sometimes, some of the older toilets tended to overflush the bowl a little bit. Once you get your new parts in, I'd experiment around with the water levels to see what...
  15. Peterson

    Cleaning with muriatic acid

    Pumice won't damage the toilet. You would think that it would, but it actually won't. I'd drain all the water out of the bowl and fill it with white vinegar. Let it sit for an afternoon, and then go in with pumice stone or a scotch bright pad and scrub the living daylights out of it. Turn...
  16. Peterson

    If you were going to buy a new toilet which one?

    The Mansfield sold at Lowes should be just fine.
  17. Peterson

    If you were going to buy a new toilet which one?

    I actually really like the Lowes Project Source/Aqua Source toilets for $99 dollars. They flush great! However they are chair height and elongated.
  18. Peterson

    If you were going to buy a new toilet which one?

    I'd go with a Kohler Wellworth. They work very well now. They have a canister flush valve though. However replacement parts are easily available. Maybe a Gerber toilet?
  19. Peterson

    1954 Eljer toilet Flapper

    You will want to order the Eljer Lift Wire Old Style Rebuild Kit with Aristocrat Tank Ball for the Eljer with the built in overflow. The Eljer Touch Flush was for their Emblem model toilets from the 1960's and 70's.
  20. Peterson

    Kohler San Raphael leaking at base

    It could have a hairline crack, or a pinhole leak. Either way, I would replace the entire toilet.
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