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  1. moflow

    Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking Under Cabinet

    UPDATE: Installed new cartridge/nut from Moen. The faucet handle is much more stiff to turn hot/cold and raise up/down. Is this normal for a new cartridge or does that indicate the cartridge nut is too tight? I turned it hand tight via the plastic Moen tool, then a 1/4 turn with a...
  2. moflow

    Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking Under Cabinet

    It appears that the problem was that simple, the 13/16" nut under the handle had worked its way loose. (!) Not sure if it was never tightened properly by the contractor, or if it was properly tight and worked its way loose. I had the gray plastic "socket" that came with faucet and used that to...
  3. moflow

    Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking Under Cabinet

    I have a Moen One Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet installed new in 2018. Unfortunately I can't find the exact model number even though I have the original instructions (instructions # INS10601B 2/18). Here is the issue: After trouble free service for 4.5 years, discovered water on kitchen floor...
  4. moflow

    See you later, not goodbye!

    I am so sorry to hear this. Peace and love to all of Terry's family.
  5. moflow

    Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestor - Problem Solved?

    Anyone have trouble with Sioux Chief Mini Arresters for water hammer? I poured vinegar into a failed Sioux Chief Mini Arrestor used on a washing machine, let it soak for 90 minutes or so, rinsed it thoroughly, and replaced. The Arrestor is now working perfectly. I'm not sure if the fix is due...
  6. moflow

    Debris from rim jets during/after plunging

    The technique that has always worked for me is Terry Love's very short, rapid continuous plunger strokes. Once the bowl water surface is really vibrating, gently pull the plunger up, and usually voila! The bowl will empty and everything is right again.
  7. moflow

    Eco Drake Bowl Rinse in Rear

    My Eco Drake (classic) has moderately good bowl rinse in the front of the toilet. But toward the back of the toilet (i.e. closest to tank), there is little bowl rinse, since day one. The toilet is installed reasonably level, but little water come out from perhaps 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock. Due to...
  8. moflow

    UPDATED: Repairing Leaking Toto Eco Drake Flapper

    Thanks! I'll be sure to keep an eye on it. I never knew why the original flapper didn't seal properly after maybe a year or two in service. If you let the flush handle slam down, it would seal fine. If you didn't, it often leaked quietly. I figured it may have gotten old while the toilet was in...
  9. moflow

    UPDATED: Repairing Leaking Toto Eco Drake Flapper

    It looks like your post may have been cut-off in mid sentence. The Toto tech support did say that THU500S was equivalent to Korky 3023BP. Do you know why the white chain collar was used on the original flapper, and then was taken away for the new THU500S. I'm just curious.
  10. moflow

    UPDATED: Repairing Leaking Toto Eco Drake Flapper

    UPDATE: I recently installed the generic Toto THU500S on my Eco Drake (the one recommended by Toto technical support AND this forum, aka Korky 2023BP.....other information says that the Korky 3060BP works too, although I'm not sure if that maintains the 1.8 gallon flush. With the Toto THU500S...
  11. moflow

    Drake Flapper Leaks Every 6-12 Months

    I have the Eco Drake (classic) toilet installed and about every 6-12 months I can hear water flowing, very slowly through the fill valve when it shouldn't be flowing. (Very faint hissing sound). I turn off the shut-off under the toilet and in an hour or several hours, the tank empties. I...
  12. moflow

    Sink Leaks Around Drain

    Last summer (2018), I had a contractor remodel a bathroom that included installing a new sink and vanity. Upon completion of the job, I noticed that the sink drain leaked. The leak goes down the waste pipe, so it doesn't cause a mess, but it prevents one from filling the (Kohler sink) basin...
  13. moflow

    UPDATED: Repairing Leaking Toto Eco Drake Flapper

    Thanks, wjcandee! You mentioned that 2021BP replaces the G Max flapper model. Is there is a similar part number for the E Max flapper that my Eco Drake uses? The flapper part number when it was manufactured is Toto # THU277S, per the label under the lid. Has this flapper model been...
  14. moflow

    UPDATED: Repairing Leaking Toto Eco Drake Flapper

    1/3/2021: Thread updated below. About 6 months ago, I installed an Eco Drake ADA Elongated toilet, CST744EL with the "E Max" system. I had actually purchased the toilet a few years ago, but it sat in its boxes until a bathroom renovation happened. I just discovered an issue, the tank is...
  15. moflow

    New Sink Drain Leaking

    A contractor recently installed a new Kohler sink in my bathroom with a Moen Eva faucet and drain. I noticed it wasn't holding water with the pop-up stopper handle pulled all the way up. I figured out that the water was actually escaping between the porcelain sink and the metal drain. Gunk...
  16. moflow

    Toto Drake Installation Correct?

    I recently had a contractor install a Toto Eco Drake. I just wanted a sanity check of the supply line in the photo. Is tension created by the curved flexible line bad for the plastic tank fitting, since it is putting side tension on it? If a toilet brush or other object hits the line is there...
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