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  1. Andrewkay

    Zone works manually, but not on timer

    I have three zones in my backyard, 2 of them are lawn sprinklers and the third is an irrigation zone for the surrounding plants/trees we've planted. I installed the sprinklers myself last spring. The irrigation zone is the one pictured as the tallest. My issue is the two lower anti-siphon valves...
  2. Andrewkay

    Laundry sink stub out error

    Just finished a rough in for a laundry tray. I was attaching the included p trap assembly to my drain stub out and noticed the sink piping doesn’t fit into my stub out hole. The inside diameter of the PVC threaded slip I have is too small it seems, even though the thread portion is fit for 1.5”...
  3. Andrewkay

    Washer Machine Outlet Box Plumbing

    Thank you for getting back to me so fast, Terry. I have a few follow-up questions: (1) When you say, "the only place I can see bumping up to 2" would be above the washer trap for the standpipe", is this because that area receives most of the high pressure flow from the washer drain, and less so...
  4. Andrewkay

    Washer Machine Outlet Box Plumbing

    Hello, Looking to re-plumb my garage laundry setup and install a nice recessed washer outlet box and add a drain line for a utility sink. My house was build sometime in the 60's and so I noticed the existing drain and vent line is 1.5" copper, but apparently current code is for 2" PVC (for at...
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