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  1. Cass

    Did I Need An Expansion Tank?

    since he is not supposed to set the tanks air pressure above 80 PSI...I wonder what he did...he should have shown you the check valve if you had one because that would have been the only reason to install is located where the water enters the home...they have gone away from ckeck valves...
  2. Cass

    Did I Need An Expansion Tank?

    If you did not have a PRV or check valve then the plumber did not know what he was doing...the expansion tank is useless under those conditions...
  3. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    I asked and they didn't want to spring for a new valve....had they wanted a new valve I would have had the town find or install a new curb stop...
  4. Cass

    Aluminum Pipe Wrenches

    if you use them all the time that is what you want...I haven't found any I like as well as Ridgid brand...the ones from china are junk...
  5. Cass

    New American Standard Cadet 3 elongated is 3" off the wall

    Maybe you installed a 10" rough in toilet on a 12" RI flange...check the box...
  6. Cass

    Small job turned big.

    now you have a little taste of what we plumbers have to deal with
  7. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    and while Sharkbites are OK for underground repairs per the Sharkbite info. I would never use one of them for an underground repair...even if approved localy...
  8. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    Never needed a jet sweat for a drain...I would use a banded coupling.....a union leaves you in the same situation, unable to sweat a joint because of water, unless you are installing a valve...
  9. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    A jet sweat will only work if your installing a valve...BTW sharkbites are brass not plastic...your thinking of Watts...
  10. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    I will tell you...when you have to make a repair and the main shutoff won't close all the way and water is leaking say turn the water off at the curb stop???...not if one can't be found...sorry I don't carry a nitrogen freeze set up that I can use once every 15 years or I used a...
  11. Cass

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    After looking at a job I charge a flat rate to do all is well for me reguardless...they can take it or leave it but I get a minimum for coming out just to tell them and they won't know if I am using a sharkbite or not unless they I don't describe every fitting I am going to use...
  12. Cass

    Washing machine and utility sink tie in question

    The washer requires a trap and vent as does the sink...the 3" copper line is not a vent it is a waste line....
  13. Cass

    Garburator Blocked Please Help!!!

    if you remove the trap you may end up with a flood.....bail out the sinks first and use a bucket to catch the rest...
  14. Cass

    Basement Plumbing Rough In

    every trap needs its own vent Helpful Plumbing Hints for Residential Construction by Bert Polk Plumbing Inspector Lincoln County
  15. Cass

    Cracked main drain..advice desperately needed

    Sorry...I didn't see your mention of Epoxy....
  16. Cass

    3 Comparment Sink, Mop Sink and pluming it

    The sink will have to be vented and connected to the sanatary system...the 3 compartment is seperated by way of an air gap as mentioned to the inspector....
  17. Cass

    3 Comparment Sink, Mop Sink and pluming it

    You need professional help...running traps are not allowed and all the other reasons will never pass inspection...there are other things wrong...
  18. Cass

    Moen Hydrolock

    It would be extremely odd to get 3 different faucets with the same problem...i am willing to bet you are doing something need to be under the sink and watch and trace back to where the leak originates...not just where you see it drip from...the 2 may not be the sure you are...
  19. Cass

    Heater not turning off

    You realy need some one who works on trailers to look at it and see if all the vents are hooked up right and check the system over...have you changed the filter....
  20. Cass

    Cracked main drain..advice desperately needed

    A better temporary solution would be to get some 65 grit sand paper and CAREFULLY sand the iron that on either side of the crack so the iron is bright...then apply some JB Weld and cover everything well...when it is set you can wrap it with duct tape if you not disturb any of the iron...
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