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  1. Slugger740

    Floor leveler for OSB flooring?

    I need to level an OSB Advantech subfloor that is out of lever in my bath renovation. The area to be leveled is roughly a half circle area with the width of the area being approximately 6' (aka 3' radius). The lowest point is the midpoint of the straight side of the half circle and is 1/4" below...
  2. Slugger740

    Joist Badly notched - need suggestions

    Hi Wayne, Sorry for the slow response but got buried in regular work. Your thought about the 2x8 schedule for the deeply notched joist is a really good one. I will definitely check it out to see if it will work. And yes, I will be using the reinforcers wherever the 3" pipes go through joists...
  3. Slugger740

    Joist Badly notched - need suggestions

    I should add that the joists span is 12' and the notch for the toilet is about 3' from the end of the joist.
  4. Slugger740

    Joist Badly notched - need suggestions

    Well, I am renovating my master bathroom, but next door to the master bath is a hallway bathroom (toilet, sink, tub). After opening the ceiling I have found some pretty extreme notching of the joist directly under the hall bath toilet (5" x 5" notch in a 2x10). There is also a 2" drain line...
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