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  1. Aberrant

    Running ducted air handler condensate lines to sewer ejector pit against code?

    I have 2 ducted Mitsubishi air handlers in my basement that are within 3 feet of my sewer ejector pit that serves my basement full bathroom. Is it against code to run the condensate drain lines for these air handlers to the ejector pit? I'm located in Massachusetts if that matters.
  2. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I was finally able to get through to technical service at Upon and they confirmed over the phone that anything on the outside of the pipe is unrelated and likely caused from some external factor unrelated to the performance of the pipe. They confirmed that...
  3. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    I am able to wipe off a majority of the yellow but there's some residual spots that seem to have permanently stained the pipe. I am in the middle of finishing the basement which is why I'm so concerned.
  4. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    The yellowing I have seems to be on the outside of the pipe though not on the side?
  5. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    I just started insulating recently, it had been uncovered since it was installed about a year ago.
  6. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    This is another section on the hot side further down the line tucked up in a ceiling joist. Again, I am only seeing this discoloration on the hot line, other sections of PEX in this area on the cold side are perfectly fine. Is this something with the hot water causing this?
  7. Aberrant

    Uponor PEX UV degradation?

    I have some weird yellowing that seems to be occurring only on my hot water lines. It’s yellow spots and it’s almost like a powdery substance on the outside of the pipe. The pipe is in the basement near a window but does not get direct sunlight. There’s a cold water line near it that doesn’t...
  8. Aberrant

    Recirculation Loop Design Question

    Trying to determine the best design for my 2 story re-pipe. I'd like to design with a recirculation loop in mind. I'm using a trunk/branch system using 1" pex for the trunk lines and branching off 1/2" pex to fixtures. I have a 1" trunk off the main trunk that runs to the second floor to serve 2...
  9. Aberrant

    Milwaukee PEX Expansion Tool not Rotating Correctly?

    I'm having issues using the M12 Milwaukee Pex Expander. When expanding 1" AquaPEX the tool seems unable to turn after the cone retracts. It's almost as if the 1" is too much for it. I've applied grease to the cone very lightly, also regreased multiple times. I'm using a freshly charged battery...
  10. Aberrant

    ProPEX Logic System, add valves to multiport manifold outputs?

    Thanks guys. I'm planning to have shut offs still at each fixture and stubbing out to copper I just wasn't sure if there was any benefit or if would be common practice to also have a shut off at each manifold outlet serving those fixtures. Seems like it would only be useful if there was an issue...
  11. Aberrant

    ProPEX Logic System, add valves to multiport manifold outputs?

    I'm doing a whole house PEX replacement and have been researching different systems (manifold, trunk/branch, hybrids) and settled on Uponor's logic system which is essentially a combination of trunk/branch with remote manifolds for zones. I'm looking at using Uponor's EP manifolds and was...
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