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  1. Banjo Bud

    A Bigger Pressure Tank?

    I have to agree with WorthFlorida. Ditch the tank and water directly from the pump. That’s the way I sprinkle.
  2. Banjo Bud

    Educate me

    if I could raise the pump 6 inches would it help with the silt without pumping dry?
  3. Banjo Bud

    Educate me

    So there’s 11’ from the bottom (I assume) of the pump to the top of the water in the well pipe? Seems like that’s enough room to raise the pump a few feet? Yes?
  4. Banjo Bud

    Educate me

    So what does static mean? And why can’t I lift the pump up some?
  5. Banjo Bud

    Educate me

    What exactly do these numbers mean? If the pump is at 49’ and the well is 50’, could this be why my dad gets silt in his filter quickly?
  6. Banjo Bud

    Bad pressure tank?

    Here’s a picture of the underside of the well cap. I’m not sure what it all means.
  7. Banjo Bud

    Bad pressure tank?

    I really have no idea. It’s at my dads house 10 hours from me. But I could ask him. Maybe he has a record.
  8. Banjo Bud

    Bad pressure tank?

    This brings up a question. Can I change over to a 40-60 instead of a 30-50? Is mine a 30-50 because the pump isn’t capable of 60?
  9. Banjo Bud

    Bad pressure tank?

    Got it thanks. My pressure switch is a 30/50. The tank seems good and I took a pressure reading when the pump cut off. The dial pressure gage next to the pressure switch read 55 and my tire gage on the tank read 53. Then I opened a faucet and let the water pressure drop until the pump cut on...
  10. Banjo Bud

    Bad pressure tank?

    How do I know if my pressure is bad? Is there a test I can perform? I’m concerned the bladder is bad. The tank is 27 years old and is a 20 gallon. Thanks.
  11. Banjo Bud

    New HW tank problem

    It’s not a drastic difference. I didn’t get a chance to check the elements yet.
  12. Banjo Bud

    How high can a jet pump push water?

    I know they can pull water from a maximum of 25’ but after the water gets to the pump, how far can it push it?
  13. Banjo Bud

    Finally!! It's in and running. :)

    It may look ridiculous to you but to me it looks great. And you got your walking in for the day. Great job.
  14. Banjo Bud

    Had a scare but all is ok

    yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and heard my pump running. I had just come from the bathroom so I figured the toilet was filling up. But the pump didn’t quit. So I went to check the toilet and it had stopped filling. But the pump was still running. Now I’m concerned I have a leak...
  15. Banjo Bud

    Do I need a pressure tank?

    I have an irrigation system with nothing but a pump, lines, and heads. Four zones, 6-7 heads in each zone. It’s a non submersible pump pulling from a stream. I have a Rain Bird controller and a pump start relay. No tank. No CSV. It’s a direct shot from the stream, to the pump, and to the...
  16. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    This is probably the best advice.
  17. Banjo Bud

    How to use a submersible pump

    Cooling the motor was one of my concerns. But now that I think of it, I could go from the 4” to 6” or 8” or whatever.
  18. Banjo Bud

    How to use a submersible pump

    Here’s the situation. I have a 4” PVC pipe coming out of an underground spring on a hillside. It is a horizontal pipe. I capped the pipe off with a well cap and put a 1 1/4” PVC pipe through the well cap and am pulling water from it with a jet pump. So the foot valve is horizontal. It has worked...
  19. Banjo Bud

    Want to switch from a cycle stop valve to a tank, need help

    I am familiar with what you’re saying KC. There are trade offs with a CSV and with a small tank (I have a 2 gallon) the pumps runs every time I use a gallon of water. With a big tank, the pump won’t run as often but the pressure will drop for a longer time.
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