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  1. CheesecakeLover

    Pipes coming out the side of minisplit indoor unit?

    Due to a low and slanted sealing in my sunroom, there is only 1 location that I can mount the indoor unit of a minisplit. It would be in the corner of the room, I would need the pipes & drain to go directly out the side (not the back) of the unit. Are there any that exist like this? Thank you.
  2. CheesecakeLover

    Breaker size for electric cooktop stove

    Thank you both, Good information. I will probably change the breaker from 40 to 30, but at a later date. I don’t want to shut down the power to the whole house right now if it’s not necessary.
  3. CheesecakeLover

    Is this too much for the work being done?

    I had a main panel replaced in NJ in 2017 for $3000 including parts and labor. In general, I think NJ is an expensive state as far as labor goes. I was able to select my own panel. I chose QO Load Center by Square D, 200A, 46 or 48 space. The only thing is those combo GFCI/AFCI breakers are...
  4. CheesecakeLover

    Breaker size for electric cooktop stove

    Hello we had a 30 amp (4 burner) electric stove that broke. It was serviced by a 10 AWG line. We replaced it with a 5 burner stove which requires 40 amps, so I pulled a 8 AWG line and changed the breaker in the panel from 30A to 40A. Now, the wife says the new 5 burner stove is too crowded...
  5. CheesecakeLover

    Minisplit refridgerant piping

    Hello, this is in regards to a minisplit installation. The instructions aren't clarifying things for me. I have read online that there is a minimum line length for the line, but the document does not say anything about minimum length. Does it hurt efficiency to cut off excess tubing and...
  6. CheesecakeLover

    Is this steep slope ok on the main drain line?

    Thanks. Perhaps I was overthinking this. You know how in a trap arm, you can't have the pipe too steep otherwise wet venting can't occur? I thought perhaps a similar rule might apply here but I guess not.
  7. CheesecakeLover

    Is this steep slope ok on the main drain line?

    Hello, in my dad's house which is new construction he showed me this section of the 4" main drain pipe. In most places it goes down at a slope of about 1/8" per foot. But then it goes down very steeply at approximately 45 degree angle to get down to the level of the city sewer outside. Is...
  8. CheesecakeLover

    Can water flow through circulator pump when it is not running?

    Got it, thanks. Yeah this part I understood. I think what you wrote here really zeroed in on my question. So basically what I'm taking away (and please correct me if I'm still getting this wrong) is... An inactive circulator pump does not block water, so water could flow through it, in...
  9. CheesecakeLover

    Can water flow through circulator pump when it is not running?

    Dana, sorry I don't understand. With a check valve shielding pump B from backward flow, how can there be reverse pressure at pump B? In addition, you mention that when unpowered the pump impeller spins freely, therefore an unpowered pump does not block water. Yet you also said that no zone...
  10. CheesecakeLover

    Can water flow through circulator pump when it is not running?

    Dana, thank you for the thoughtful response. So to make sure I understand you, I updated the diagram to include check valves. With check valves installed now, water can't travel backwards through pump B. But I still have a question about the wye on the right side of the diagram. Could...
  11. CheesecakeLover

    Can water flow through circulator pump when it is not running?

    In a system with a circulator pump for each zone, do we also need zone valves, or will the pumps themselves block water from flowing through them when they are "off"? For example, say there are 2 pumps: Zone A pump. Zone B pump. (And no valves) If Zone A pump is running and Zone B pump is not...
  12. CheesecakeLover

    Feedback on Hydronic Schematic

    That's an impressive diagram. Did you use a special software for that? BTW, sorry I don't have any answers for your question. I just like your thread because it seems interesting; I have always wondered how to properly balance radiators in parallel.
  13. CheesecakeLover

    Anything special about zone valve transformers? Can I use a general purpose transformer?

    Hi all, I currently have a single 24 V transformer powering 2 Taco zone valves. The transformer is marked as "40 VA", which means it has a current rating of 1.66 Amperes. The problem is that I believe my Tacos have the older 0.9 A power heads; not the modern 0.3 A heads. If that's true, that...
  14. CheesecakeLover

    Tea Leaves

    Hmmmm. > Man: My pipe fitting is leaking. > Friend: You should use dope. > Man: I used dope, but now it's worse. > Friend: Ok don't mess with it! I'll fix it for you. And by the way, here are some potato chips for your munchies. It's "funny" because the friend intended to recommend pipe...
  15. CheesecakeLover

    Is Asurion of the homedepot, walmart, amazon protection plans a joke?

    Is he going to replace the line feeding the receptacle too? If not, then what he is doing is a VERY simple procedure. A handyman should be able to do it for cheaper than an electrician. My neighborhood has a webpage where you can find local handymen. If you've never done any electric work...
  16. CheesecakeLover

    non-joke of the day - due to no

    Fascinating stories. But "retrospective perspective"? I have not heard that term before. Is that a term that is used often? I think it all boils down to knowledge. What knowledge do you have? What knowledge do you need? With the right knowledge, you can avoid all kinds of pitfalls. But...
  17. CheesecakeLover

    PVC DWV rough-in advice (pictures)

    Thanks. I know, I could have figured out a different arrangement that gets the job done using fewer fittings
  18. CheesecakeLover

    PVC DWV rough-in advice (pictures)

    I'm adding a bathroom in the basement, draining into ejector pit. The ejector pit is in a utility closet adjacent to where the new bathroom will be. Attached I took a picture from 3 angles. Venting: There will be two new 2" vent pipes going directly up through the roof. They are kept...
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