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  1. BillTheEngineer

    Replacing Super Stor Tank with a gas water heater have some plumbing questions

    12 years of it this way? I would guess something isn't set or plumbed right that you are running out of hot water. What size is the SS? what boiler is connected to the SS? Do you have multi head showers with no flow restrictions? or take hour long showers? I would guess your boiler has more...
  2. BillTheEngineer

    Compact elongated toilet recommendations

    Looking to replace a round bowl toilet with an elongated and there is minimal room to have it protrude into the room any more than the existing one. The shower door already smacks into the front of the toilet if it's not opened with care. I have done some searching and have come up with the...
  3. BillTheEngineer

    Leaky ball valve with crazy loose packing nut

    If you need/want to cut it out and concerned the pipe won't be long enough there are ways to deal with it without sweating in a new valve. Use a threaded valve and two thread to compression or sharkbite adapters. Yes it's a bit more expensive and there are more leak points, but no sweating is...
  4. BillTheEngineer

    Increase City Water PSI

    Do the shower heads not perform well at 60 psi with all the heads on? what is the water pressure at the valve with all the head on? Are you measuring pressure with the water flowing or not flowing? Measure a flow of 12-13 gpm with the valves open and measuring the pressure with the valves...
  5. BillTheEngineer

    Oil burner identfication/brand

    It's probably possible to change the coil. Get yourself a drill and some extra drill bits for the bolts that break. Also get something to clean up the gasket sealing surface on the boiler. If you can get a name and some info off the coil plate you may be able to find a replacement. Other...
  6. BillTheEngineer

    Indirect hot water heater relief valve opened.

    for reference 25 gallons of water entering the WH at 40°F takes up 25 gallons of space. Once it's heated to 140°F it takes up 25.43 gallons. Sounds like the the expansion tank is shot. When replacing the expansion tank it's probably a good idea to replace the relief valve too.
  7. BillTheEngineer

    What Valve is Designed to Reduce Flow but Not Eliminate It?

    A globe valve would be better than a gate or ball valve. Ideally if you could find one that does not have a rubber gasket to seal flow when closed. One that has a metal disc and seat. I would be concerned that other time the rubber on the disc of most globe valve would deteriorate and fall...
  8. BillTheEngineer

    Air Compressor for Irrigation

    No go on the leaf blower or a shop vac exhaust. The type of impellers they use basically stop producing pressure and flow if you restrict the outlet to much. They just stir up the air a little. There are blowers that might work, but they are more expensive and less readily available. A...
  9. BillTheEngineer

    Air Compressor for Irrigation

    If you are only going to do this once a year, buying a gas compressors you have to deal with dragging the compressor out from where you stored it. Get it up and running, use it, then winterize it and store it away for next year. If winterizing the compressor and get likely fighting with the...
  10. BillTheEngineer

    Air Compressor for Irrigation

    A compressor that can run off a 110 VAC is going to be you limiting factor unless it has a very large tank. The CFM limit is in the high 4 to low 5 cfm for a compressor that runs on 110 VAC. You need enough sustained air flow to blow out most of the water. If you have zones with a lot of...
  11. BillTheEngineer

    Sharkbite Water Heater Corrugated connection kit LEAKING!

    There are many grades of stainless steel. An easy check is for better corrosions resistant stainless steels (300 series SS) is to see if a magnet is attracted to it or not. Most 300 series SS are not magnetic and have good corrosions resistance. If a magnet is attracted to it like most steel...
  12. BillTheEngineer

    Boiler humming

    If nothing has changed with your system, I would suspect it's a circulator. I know you said they service tech said everything was fine. Do you have more than one circulator? Does it happen only when one zone calls for heat? There are only a few reasons for sound to be coming from a hot...
  13. BillTheEngineer

    Residential Boiler Piping Question

    It's probably there just to help purge the system of air the system of air. But it's not really needed, and potentially a risk to over pressurise the system and cause the safety relief to open.
  14. BillTheEngineer

    Can a Taco 007 run continuous?

    If you are going to let it run continuously might want to step up to a ECM one to save on the electrical cost. It would pay for itself over time.
  15. BillTheEngineer

    Boiler Sound help ( sound link given)

    Is there more than one zone? if so does it make the sound on all zones? I listened to the audio and not sure what I should be listening for. But i'm not a pro or expert. To me it sounds very similar to my gas fired boiler once it's running. I have noise radiating from baseboards and it...
  16. BillTheEngineer

    20 Amp outlets vs 15 Amp outlets on 20A circuit

    The UL codes don't go into why things are a specific way, they just detail what it needs to be and how it's to be tested. If someone is on the committee (it's a combination of UL personnel and people from industry) they would likely know the "why". I suspect the NEC code and the UL standard...
  17. BillTheEngineer

    20 Amp outlets vs 15 Amp outlets on 20A circuit

    There are many reasons for the sizing of components in a circuit. Through lots of engineering, testing, accidents and litigation standards have been established. Most 15a outlets/receptacles are run for 30 days at 20 amps, along with many other tests before they get a ul listing. I also...
  18. BillTheEngineer

    Hot Water is puking up brown water all of a sudden. Soft Water?

    Still hoping to see what the inside of the old one looks like
  19. BillTheEngineer

    20 Amp outlets vs 15 Amp outlets on 20A circuit

    When you make millions of them it's a savings. I don't recall the specific UL standard for the current testing (UL 498 details the testing of some outlets, there are other standard depending on the type of outlet). Per NEC code a 20a circuit is not meant to carry 20 amps continuously, it's...
  20. BillTheEngineer

    20 Amp outlets vs 15 Amp outlets on 20A circuit

    NEC code does allow for a 15A rated receptacle to be installed on a 20A branch circuit. Mainly because it's unfortunately done on a common practice. As a result, 15A rated receptacles have to be able to handle 20A. One of reason for 15A receptacles is cost and the labor to install. 20A wire...
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