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  1. Ankhseeker

    Finding short in Cat5e cable

    They usually reserve the other pairs for PoE or telephone. You could always change/rewire the jacks for the good pair of wires, but the integrity is already compromised and might create a bottle neck if you push too much data through it.
  2. Ankhseeker

    Thoughts on new DIY website...

    Why not just start a tool library? We have two of them in my county. Hand tools are free to borrow and check out to use. Late fines and broken tool fees buy new stuff and keep tools in top order.
  3. Ankhseeker

    How to turn on sprinkler system.

    Some of the orbit and possibly others have a fuse to protect the controller. When it blows, the solenoids don't work , but on mine, it appears like everything is normal. Just no water. Are you able to turn on a sprinkler valve manually?
  4. Ankhseeker

    Need suggestion for solid metal shower head bracket

    I just bought a 2 head shower hose add on from the box store. It came with a nice Suction cup holder for the hosed head. Maybe that as a solution?
  5. Ankhseeker

    Chevron and Texaco Universal Card. A ripoff?

    Our costco just got Diesel, so that is a good option. Chevron down here in California, charges the cash price for cash and a chevron card. Other cards get charged at a higher price. Seems illegal to me, but I cut my gas cards up along time ago like many others have done. buyer beware!
  6. Ankhseeker

    Ford E-250 tailight replacement Torx T15

    You might as well buy a set of them because sure as heck you will need a t-10 or t-27 eventually ;-)
  7. Ankhseeker

    Outrageous furnace repair charges

    The only reason that the board failed was probably just "cheap" engineering. After all, they wouldn't stay in business long if they built a quality furnace.... Planned obsolescence is the way things are built these days. They just fail faster and faster. Just like those plastic gears from...
  8. Ankhseeker

    DIY Lawn Sprinklers

    I like the rainbird ones because you can change the nozzle to adjust for volume of spray as well. There are so many options. just make sure you do your homework and overlap.
  9. Ankhseeker

    Corded float switches

    Thanks so much you guys. At least this will put me on alert for either way, so the ohm meter comes out now. ;-)
  10. Ankhseeker

    New siding, lost power to 2nd floor

    Maybe the siding guys put a nail through the wire for the upstairs?
  11. Ankhseeker

    Corded float switches

    Question. Do Those dongle style float switches come in either Normally open or normally closed? (up for open down for closed) I am trying to draw a wiring diagram for my well setup but would rather not take it apart to measure continuity if I don't have to. Thanks!
  12. Ankhseeker

    fleck 1500 valve positions

    wow! What an excellent explanation Bannerman. I understand now. Thanks so much for your very informative reply ;-) It was much appreciated.
  13. Ankhseeker

    fleck 1500 valve positions

    Hi Guys, I am looking at a diagram of a fleck 1500 softener valve water flow. I am curious what the Slow rinse position and the rapid rinse positions are/do. Thanks!
  14. Ankhseeker

    Timed inline shutoff for water line that goes to the outside spigot

    maybe if the flow needs aren't too great you could use an irrigation control valve like a sprinkler system uses? Just an idea.
  15. Ankhseeker

    Short Hiss after sitting on toilet?

    Try turning off the water to the tank. At work, we have a toilet that has a tank that moves causing the fill valve to open ever so slightly causing a hiss as well.
  16. Ankhseeker

    Does a 2PSI to 0.5PSI natural gas regulator even exist?

    Try this place. Don't forget the updated orifice/jet for it as well as stated in an earlier post.
  17. Ankhseeker

    Well hole plumbness and pump life.

    Thanks Reach4 . This well is just a lot of money, so I suppose I am just overly cautious.
  18. Ankhseeker

    Well hole plumbness and pump life.

    I just had a new well drilled and I could tell by the rig's position that the well hole would not be plumb. Will this make a difference in operation or will it affect the life of the pump they put down there? They drilled down 204' , placed a 5" PVC casing with gravel around it. Sealed the...
  19. Ankhseeker

    Dr. Death Died, No Joke

    Maybe the date code "20110603" might be clue?
  20. Ankhseeker

    Generator connections and terminology

    Got it! Thanks a lot. That is a great piece of advise. ;-) I had never heard them called end caps. Something new every day --
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