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  1. Claythrow

    Viessman Vitodens 100 Propane Boiler, exhaust gases smell like propane?

    Why call the propane company & not the boiler company? The smell is only detectable in the exhaust?
  2. Claythrow

    Beware.....HOME DEPOT now sells RHEEM water heaters.....

    Is it the same deal with the Rheem ET's they sell?
  3. Claythrow

    American Standard Champion 4 is poorly engineered and deceiving on specs

    They are large, but I have one & love it. Specs did not come into play for me though, I had plenty of room to work with. If I bought one based off the specs & it was incorrect I would be peeved too.
  4. Claythrow

    Wax versus no-wax rings

    When I bought my foreclosure there was a smell in the bathroom. Pulled the toilet & it had a "no-wax" ring installed that had somehow begun leaking. Don't know why or how, just stating what I found. I don't know what brand it was only that it was black & a bit more towards a foam than a solid...
  5. Claythrow

    American Standard Champion 4 1.6gpf vs 1.28gpf

    I have that toilet & have it set to 1.28 all the time with no problems.
  6. Claythrow

    Toto S350e and S300e Bidet seat review.

    What made you choose this one over some of the less expensive options?
  7. Claythrow

    Caulking technique - smooth with wet finger or don't touch?

    Are you caulking all the way around the toilet? I'm not a pro but don't practice this because if there is ever a problem with leaking at the drain site you are not going to know immediately. & if it is sealed tight, you are looking at quite a mess underneath the toilet by the time you find out...
  8. Claythrow

    Excessive TP use

    Upstairs I have an American Standard (Champion 4 series I think) On the box it says it will flush a bucket of golf balls. But if you can clog that thing, I would be amazed. It's just unstoppable.
  9. Claythrow

    Kohler Cimarron - Installing the Tank?!?

    Did you get it at a big box store? Not to start a controversy, or disagree with the people who do this day in & day out, but for what it's worth, I got the same exact toilet from Home Depot & the parts were definitely incorrect. Not only the bolts, but the gasket that seals the tank to the bowl...
  10. Claythrow

    Delta vs. Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans?

    lol, I never thought of that. I usually just sing very loudly while I'm in there, hard core rap music, tends to draw attention away from what I am really doing in there.
  11. Claythrow

    Need new shower, design ideas/questions?

    The shower downstairs is just a 2 piece stall, acrylic or FG type material. However the bottom of the shower is starting to crack. The stall is very tight to begin with, if I drop the soap I have to do an awkward squat move to get it otherwise I hit my head or my butt against the shower stall...
  12. Claythrow

    Delta vs. Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans?

    I also have a panasonic (whatever the top model is) & it is extremely quiet. Install was easy & even being so quiet it moves a ton of air. It's remarkable. In the down stairs I have a Delta & someday I will replace it with the same panasonic unit I have upstairs.
  13. Claythrow

    Viessman Vitodens 100 Propane Boiler, exhaust gases smell like propane?

    As the title's a direct vent style boiler, & is supposed to be extremely efficient. But when outside yesterday putting in new basement windows I noticed the exhaust gases smell like propane. It's give you an idea of "how much" it smells like propane. Is this normal...
  14. Claythrow

    Expansion Tank Questions & Recommendation

    Thanks Bison! I understand the theory now. Any plumbers to answer the other questions I had? I won't mention the name or location of the company, just for my own curiosity I want to know if this is how things are done. I'm guessing they didn't read the installation requirements for the Amtrol &...
  15. Claythrow

    Expansion Tank Questions & Recommendation

    Thanks, in another post I noted that I only live 5 minutes from Nashua, I'm in Pepperell MA. So I need a potable water ET, & to charge it to 53 psi which is the pressure coming in from the street. Is that right?
  16. Claythrow

    Expansion Tank Questions & Recommendation

    I have an Amtrol CH-41 IWH. 41 gallons obviously, top mounted coil. It recently started leaking (a lot) out of the top gasket/plate. It was covered under warrantee but the parts/labor was $95 to come & look at it, for which he was here a half hour. Then $462 to replace it. $50 of that was a fee...
  17. Claythrow

    Rust in water tank

    I know this thread is a year old but I wanted to comment on the part I've qouted. I've cleaned windows professionally for almost 20 years and one of the systems we use for tall buildings is called a water fed pole. It uses completely purified water sent up a pole with a brush to clean the...
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