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  1. ChuckS

    Are Flexible Lines Against Code In Michigan For Water Heaters? IPC 2006

    Yep, they are getting a bad rep these days while big money is using illegal labor to force the unions out. Union representation is down to 7% from a high of 30%. This is why the Repubs don't want immigration reform, they can pay them what ever they want while their illegal since they're afraid...
  2. ChuckS

    Recommended dishwasher for tankless??

    It'd be best to have a dishwasher to heat the water if you have a tankless. We turn on the kitchen facet until the water gets hot then tun on the diswasher. At least they wash with hot water.
  3. ChuckS

    Price "guess" Tankless Water Heater/10 Gallon storage and existing recirc pump

    Basically there is a flow switch and a aquastat. Turning on any fracet operates the flow switch which is in series with the aquastat which turns off the recirc loop when it reaches the temp you have set. @OP... Here is a guy that shows a good way to add a tank to your tankless...
  4. ChuckS

    Need help making the right decision on tankless

    I have a recirculating loop that eliminates my sandwich problem. The way mine is setup the loop comes on automatically when any hot water is demanded and turns itself off once the aquastat reaches 120' Mines was modeled after this one. I got the flo switch off **** for about $30. Make sure to...
  5. ChuckS

    Impossible clog! Kitchen Sink, Wash Machine, Dishwasher!

    Yep, cleaning a drain is one of few jobs where duct tape isn't useful.
  6. ChuckS

    Sharkbite Questions Code Leaks hate em like em

    I took the statement that way also. First thing I thought is how life would be expensive if everyone took that attitude. The accountant would do your taxes long hand instead of using a computer because "he charges for that time". What if the carpenter didn't use a nail gun or power saw? What if...
  7. ChuckS

    If install cost wasn't an issue...

    What do you think of Paloma? We've had one a few months now and it seems to keep up. Are they reliable? Do they last?
  8. ChuckS

    Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System

    Perhaps you can tell us your situation and what you're trying to achieve. Do you have a tankless or a tank? How long is it taking to get hot water and how far is the furthest facet? Is the house occupied all day or just certain times? As for the wats, I have one but not impressed. It has...
  9. ChuckS

    Sediment in hot water lines with tankless heater

    What kind of tankless do you have? Anything other than the heater in the hot path? What kind of pipes?
  10. ChuckS

    Porch ceiling lighting

    The water proof boxes are just a couple of bucks more.
  11. ChuckS

    Two scary wiring mistakes in my garage

    I guess that's what you get from the lowest bidder...
  12. ChuckS

    Copper toilet flange into cast iron pipe issue

    I'm no plumber but it seems to me you may not have to cut the excess completely off. If you cut vertical slits in the pipe about every 1/4 inch you can then fold the tabs down into the pipe. You could break them off if you want but the flange will be inside so they may be ok just folded down.
  13. ChuckS

    Having plumber coming tomorrow to replace 3" flue with 4"

    Might I recommend an air freshener. You seem to have a sensitive nose.
  14. ChuckS

    Terry - thanks for the avatar!

    I went with a self portrait. I didn't shave that day but you can't really see my 5pm shaddow...
  15. ChuckS

    Fine tuning tankless water heater on well system

    My tank was in a crawl space and was a gas low boy roughly 3 ft tall but kind of fat. I am sure it wasn't 50 gal's.
  16. ChuckS

    Fine tuning tankless water heater on well system

    You say one shower is 3 gpm so two would be 6 gpm. At 77 degree rise you output 5 gpm. That's proving your input water temp is exactly 55 in the morning. From a well??? Also, the chart I just looked at here says you will get 3.2 gpm with 55 degree ground water and a 2.5 gpm shower head. I...
  17. ChuckS

    TOTO Neorest 500 toilet product review and comments. MS950CG

    Talk about an electric chair, hate to see it short circuit during a good thought... That might raise the pucker factor. Seriously, that is some throne. With that heated seat I would have to put the kid out to use it. She turns on the ones in the car during the summer.
  18. ChuckS

    Toto Drake skid mark problem

    I flush twice or even 3 times when it's a stainer...
  19. ChuckS

    Help with trap configuration

    I'm no plumber but I'd go with the previous guys solution. It appears to have worked and it's in the vanity so no one sees it.
  20. ChuckS

    Fine tuning tankless water heater on well system

    I'm no expert but the guy who installed mine put it right by the gas regulator and said the length of the gas line makes all the performance difference. For all I know he could have been FOS. I do know from testing mine increasing my water pipes to 3/4 made a big difference. I also noticed...
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