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  1. ditttohead

    Do I need more than a softener? Any "do it all" system out there?

    This water is pretty lousy and proper treatment needs to be taken seriously. In my opinion, you should talk to a true pro, not a well driller who also does water treatment on the side. He should have discussed whole house RO. Radon may be at 35 today but what will it be in a month or two...
  2. ditttohead

    Change Settings with lower usage?

    I would check the day override, set it to 28 days as well as the change to the reserve.
  3. ditttohead

    Loss of water pressure from Flec 5810 softener and filter

    Agreed, I would recommend bypass the softener when the pressure drop occurs to see if your resin is damaged. We have seen over the past few years many municipalities using a much higher chlorine level than is typical. I have several customers that have tested above 3.5 ppm, a pool is typically...
  4. ditttohead

    Baking carbon filter?

    There are heads designed for high water temperatures. The 2750 would be your best choice. Mix that with a vinyl Esther tank, you might do ok,
  5. ditttohead

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    Twin alternating is a good solution, see my recommendation chart below.
  6. ditttohead

    Baking carbon filter?

    Thanks, I have been travelling extensively as the business grows. Not too much time for forum work. Plus the new house... I installed a whole house RO, amazing! I can finally keep my pool water under control. Vynilester tanks can handle up to 150F, SS tanks can go higher.
  7. ditttohead

    Baking carbon filter?

    We do heat sanitizing of the carbon tank by running water in the 160-180F range through it but the cost is way outside the residential range. We do this commercially only. A few suggestions, if you have bacterial issues, switch to chlorine. H2o2 can cause problems since the h2o2 reverts to...
  8. ditttohead

    Fleck 5600sxt -- All suggested troubleshooting complete. What's next?

    Excellent! Softeners are ion exchange, meaning they remove an ion and exchange it for another. Calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium. A TDS meter is not a real test device. You need a tester that specifically differentiates between hardness and softness. Hach 5B is my recommendation.
  9. ditttohead

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    Strange and not well known. Variable brining is an excellent alternative to twin alternating for high hardness applications. This is not as good as twin alternating in extremely high use applications, but for residential applications it tends to be much better that twin alternating systems due...
  10. ditttohead

    Waterboss 900 Resin and Filter Replaement

    As you can tell by the (lack of) responses, if your budget allows, replace the unit with a good unit. When I was a field technician for 25 years, my company would not touch that unit. Either replace or lose the job. That unit is typically not worth repairing. it is a disposable unit.
  11. ditttohead

    No Water Softener loop preinstalled in 2005 home - my options?

    Post a picture of where you would turn off the water if a burst pipe were to occur.
  12. ditttohead

    Water Softener Loop - Which Side is Supply?

    Hooking up a softener backwards can end badly. Resin pushing through the top diffuser, flooding the house with resin... not fun to fix. Sadly I did this too my own dads house 25 years ago, it took several years before the top diffuser failed... I spent many hours fixing his plumbing. :)
  13. ditttohead

    Order of aeration and calcite neutralization.

    Aeration and katalox light tend be potentially problematic. From website. Their translator must have been off the day they wrote this LOL. Warning: Do NOT exchange pressure vessel media from one pressure vessel to another. Reason for inadequate sanitation during the exchange of...
  14. ditttohead

    Simple In/Out valves with 1"+ NPT connections (for 2.5" tank opening, 1.05" distributor)

    I would highly recommend the 1190F, you can refill the calcite through the top and it has an available bypass. it also has many connectors available to match your existing plumbing.
  15. ditttohead

    Uneven salt distribution in brine tank

    Nope, all is good, salt will typically clump like that, breaking it up occasionally is fine.
  16. ditttohead

    Softener decision time - 5800 LXT vs WS1

    The 5800 has been rock solid except for the electronics from a decade ago. it is basically a repurposed 5000 proflo valve. I don't see them discontinuing the 5800 anytime soon but who knows. The 5800 had some electronics issues when it was first released, and this problem was most common in...
  17. ditttohead

    Black liquid in the salt tank

    Salt is 99.9% pure, meaning a 50 pound bag of salt will have some "stuff" in it. Dirt, bird droppings, etc... Clean and sanitize the brine tank every year or two. As to salt level, ignore everything you have ever heard or read. Fill the tank with salt, when it gets low, add more. It is not...
  18. ditttohead

    Help ID softener brand / model / error code

    Low pressure, likely bad resin but regardless, you are wanting to repair a softener that belongs in a museum. Don't waste your time, it is time to replace the unit.
  19. ditttohead

    D1203 vs D1225 style upper baskets?

    In general the "Heavy" screen is used for upflow applications. The light duty screen is used for downflow applications. If you are going downflow there is no need for the heavy screen as the screen is rally only used as a diffuser so as to "diffuse" water flow and lessen the potential for...
  20. ditttohead

    Water Softener Loop - Which Side is Supply?

    Water softener loops are rarely universal. The only way to know is to cut the pipe and turn the water on to see what side the water comes from. Fleck and Clack are inlet right, outlet left, Erie and Autotrol are the opposite, so definitely not universal.
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