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  1. Steve_P

    PRV and expansion tank recommended brands

    I am going to need to install a pressure reducing valve on my water supply. And from what I've read, once I do this I also need to add an expansion tank at the water heater. What brands are recommended for each? Are there any to avoid? Thanks.
  2. Steve_P

    supporting insulated water piping

    I'm curious on how most do this. I am installing some new runs of copper tubing and insulating the hot. I have 2x4 trusses and the cold is sitting on the lowest horizontal 2x4 member of the truss (presently clamped to it every 10' or so). The hot runs above it and is going to have to be...
  3. Steve_P

    whole house water filters

    I am curious how many people have them and what they think of them. How often do you have to change the filters? I realize this will vary some so just looking for ideas. recommended brands? Right now I have an Omni undersink filter and an icemaker filter. I'm wondering if it would make...
  4. Steve_P

    Siox Chief icemaker box- help with selection

    ok, for whatever reason the pdf opened for me on the second try... answer is the standard pack (MF).
  5. Steve_P

    Siox Chief icemaker box- help with selection

    Ok, I am going to install one of these with the hammer arrestor and not sure of the differences in the models. I am using copper supply so I have that part covered. I can sweat fittings so I assume my best bet is the 1/2 female sweat? What are the differences in the below models (what...
  6. Steve_P

    heights for supply and drain lines for bathroom sink

    thanks one more question: once the cabinet is in and you trim back the stubs for the supply to put on the shut off valves, how far from the inside wall of the cabinet to you cut? I realize the answers for these questions will vary depending on who answers, just looking for opinions.
  7. Steve_P

    heights for supply and drain lines for bathroom sink

    33" high bathroom sink/cabinet combo. What should the heights for the supply lines and drain be above the floor where they exit the wall? Thanks!
  8. Steve_P

    Washing machine & laundry sink venting

    Thanks for the replies. Hey Terry, where are hammer arrestors now required to be used per code? Ok, wait, when I say where, I mean locations in a home's plumbing, not geographic location of the home. I realize this will vary by geographic location, but on locations within the home, I would...
  9. Steve_P

    San Bruno Gas leak Blast some good pics and more info there. it sounds like they were going to replace that section but obviously they did not get to it soon enough. We tend to "regulate by tombstones" but also have a short memory. There will be a call for...
  10. Steve_P

    Washing machine & laundry sink venting

    Hey Terry I have some questions on that picture: who makes that sexy washing machine outlet box? I like the built in hammer arrestors and valves. Do you have a part number handy for it? also, just curious, are those copper lines running to the washer valves? I ask because of how they're...
  11. Steve_P

    How to locate a pipe leak on sloped driveway?

    I just went thru this... I called a plumber and they referred me to American Leak Detection. They tried several methods and ended up disconnecting the line and charging with helium and then detecting the leak. Found the exact location. Cost ~$300. Not cheap but easier than digging up the lawn.
  12. Steve_P

    Piping connections to water heater

    I'll be replacing a gas water heater eventually and want to know the right way to install the piping to it. What I have now is copper male NPT sweat fittings threaded directly into the WH; cu tube is then sweated to the fittings at the WH. There is no dielectric union at the WH which I've read...
  13. Steve_P

    Apollo valves

    I'm surprised you can actually still buy an american made ball valve. Typically when you start seeing China stuff mixing in with the old US stock it means that they are switching the mfg to China and soon that's all you'll find. Years ago I bought some chinese ball valves from Harbor Freight...
  14. Steve_P

    floodstopper leak detection system

    while I think these are probably 2X more expensive than they should be, it seems like a great idea. Yet, I find very little info on them online- besides the mfg/dealer info. Opinions?
  15. Steve_P

    PEX Concerns, should I worry?

    it is funny you mention about hardly anyone doing copper installs because I realized this last nite- I was at HD last nite picking up some cu tubing and noticed that the mfg date coding on a lot of them was from as far back as 2007. Obviously HD is not moving a lot of copper tubing these days.
  16. Steve_P

    water line thru basement block wall- how to?

    did some reading on this and you are not supposed to have concrete directly touching copper tube- possible corrosion issues. I will use the sleeve method mentioned and seal between the cu and sleeve (pvc?) as best as possible. Thanks!
  17. Steve_P

    water line thru basement block wall- how to?

    Obviously things settle and move over time so some flex would be good here. I would think you'd have to have a rubber seal on the end of the pipe thru a pipe scenario like you explain to keep water out. With the floating pipe thru the larger fixed pipe setup, when the ground settled and supply...
  18. Steve_P

    water line thru basement block wall- how to?

    How the heck can you tell what solder type that is from that picture??? (LOL) ok, I have completed a temporary fix on this- basically replacing what was there with the same (but no leak now). The leak was definitely caused by settling of the soil after it was backfilled- once I cut the...
  19. Steve_P

    water line thru basement block wall- how to?

    I have another thread about a leak between the water meter and house; the leak is a crack in the copper tubing where it enters the block wall for my basement. There's no easy way to do a quick fix on it as the crack is literally right at the wall, it so it will need to be replaced. Sooooo...
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