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  1. Michael Young

    Faucet I

    why are you replacing them? If you have a stem-shop in your area, if you pull the stem from the shower valve, they can likely match you up. You might get lucky at Lowes (they have a decent selection). the lavatory? if you pull the lavatory, you may see the mfg. name embossed on the bottom side...
  2. Michael Young

    Anode rod replacement

    The water heater has an expected life of 12-15 years. But yes, if you replace the anode every 3 years, you'll likely get 30+ years out of a 6-year heater. The anode is the only difference between a 6-year/9-year/12-year warranty heaters. Get a long cheater bar. Those anodes are a muthfucker to...
  3. Michael Young

    When is PVC cement bad

    good rule of thumb...if it doesn't perform like new, throw it out. The potential leaks just ain't worth the few dollars you might save using sketch product
  4. Michael Young

    Terrible smell near hot water heaters

    I don't know that draining the heaters is going to do anything to help. But I do agree. TURN EVERYTHING OFF. use fans to ventilate the area. If the odor goes away, then it's related to the equipment. If the odor is still there, it's not related to the equipment. Isolate the problem. In that...
  5. Michael Young

    High pressure and Expansion tank

    Get that pressure to between 60-80psi. DO NOT go higher than 80-psi (per code). Manufacturers look at the code as their minimum standard. EVERY SINGLE FIXTURE in your house is built to handle 80-psi. Once you go past 80, you have no warranty on anything in your house.
  6. Michael Young

    How to take this metal plate out?

    Just break the freakin’ panel and replace it with an actual real access panel that you can...ACCESS.
  7. Michael Young

    Old flange -- repair it or use it? What was the plastic horn used for on top of the flange?

    the flange doesn't look cracked. fuckit. use that flange as-is
  8. Michael Young

    Yes, I know. a weird question

    I did a service call today for a military veteran. This lady lost both of her legs at the knees. She is also missing both hands. So she has some difficult challenges. So she uses WIPES because it is difficult to clean herself after using the restroom. As a result she uses A LOT of wipes and it...
  9. Michael Young

    See you later, not goodbye!

    Wow! I've been out of touch. Terrible to learn that terry is no longer with us. He was a hell of a great guy. He MADE A DIFFERENCE. The world is poorer without him in it.
  10. Michael Young

    Bradford White (Honeywell) Model # MI40T6FBN; HELP!

    Yeah. Those Honeywell gas control valves suck balls. If you look up error codes. Damn near every single error code says the exact same thing (REPLACE GAS VALVE). I freakin’ hate those Honeywell valves. There are some guys who say you can reset them with a 9-volt battery. Yeah. maybe one in 20 you...
  11. Michael Young

    Blue tank inside from well not filling at all

    If the contactors are stuck in the on position, it means that pump may be destroyed. TURN THE POWER OFF GO TO THE WELL HEAD AND CHECK RESISTANCE Here's a handy little video published by grundfos.
  12. Michael Young

    What happen here?

    It's a little bit of a jumble, but I don't see any reason it won't work just fine
  13. Michael Young

    Blue tank inside from well not filling at all

    take the plastic cover off your pressure switch. CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE POWER (USE A METER). If you have power, take a non-conducting piece of plastic (like an old toothbrush) and push the contactor (when you push the contactor, you should see a tiny spark and hear the pump kick on and...
  14. Michael Young

    Copper pipe toilet flange replacement

    The more I look at this, the more it looks like you're getting in your own way. It may be easier just to cut it all out and re-pipe the entire area. I'm really not a fan of the upside-down tee; the split rubber seal the tight space you're trying to fit everything into.
  15. Michael Young

    Copper pipe toilet flange replacement

    Wait wait wait. Dafuq. is that duct tape
  16. Michael Young

    Copper pipe toilet flange replacement

    looks a little like a mess. I like your idea using the combination. What sort of room do you have under there. I think cleanouts are great, but you don't have to install a cleanout. The toilet flange is your cleanout access. just pull the toilet. If there's room to work, sure. we love cleanouts...
  17. Michael Young

    Need help with drain - max drop

    I'm an old timer. I am not familiar with Metwood. Send us a link please. I just bid a job to install a full bathroom in large attic. The floor joists are only 2x8 and I'm going to have to drill holes through about 12 joists to make it work. So this metwood product might be exactly what I need.
  18. Michael Young

    Replacing residential main shutoff valve

    Cut the galvanized pipe. Remove the union. Unscrew the union from the female threads Unscrew the galvanized from the female thread Screw in a male adapter on each side. The brass will act as a dielectric. I would cut back as far as you can and get rid of as much galvanized as possible Just use...
  19. Michael Young

    Need help with drain - max drop

    you can pull vent off the lavatory. Catch your shower. And then connect into that 3" stack. The lavatory will wet vent the entire fixture group. That's easy. What I'm more concerned about is you drilling giant 2.875" holes through every single floor joist and then sectioning back together your...
  20. Michael Young

    Amtrol Expansion tank - turbulator does not fit - bad part, or bad instructions?

    homey don't play that. I've been doing it THE WAY WE ALL DO IT since forever. "Gosh darn golly" that nonsense
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