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  1. Alex1

    Setting Kohler Archer tub in mortar

    I'm looking for advice on setting a new tub in mortar. The old tub had a crack in the middle, so I want to make sure that the new one won't have that problem ;-) The first question is about the opening for the drain. It's too big on the right side. That's great for access, but do you think it...
  2. Alex1

    New tub drain plumbing advice

    It's clear now that the best thing is to just glue the underground parts. I'll use 2" all the way because I read in another thread that 2" would be easier to clean out if there is a clog at some point. Here's the new plan:
  3. Alex1

    New tub drain plumbing advice

    @Breplum Thanks! But it's ok to use a 1.5" trap for the tub? Or would 2" trap be better?
  4. Alex1

    New tub drain plumbing advice

    Hi guys, I'm installing a new bathtub and wanted to run my plan by you see if you can spot any mistakes. The new drain is 1.5" PVC. This should give you the idea: Some pics of what I found as I removed the old tub and exposed the trap: My plan is to remove everything starting with that...
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