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  1. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    I ended up replacing the Sharkbite PRV with the same make and model and the chatter continued. I then returned that new Sharkbite PRV and replaced it with a larger Zurn 70XL and the vibration and chatter instantly stopped. So, either both Sharkbites were defective / contaminated or it was a flow...
  2. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    Thank you. There are pressure vacuum breakers before the 2 rows of sprinkler valves. Any chance this could be due to flow rate, like maybe this PRV can't handle the amount of water? I'm asking to see if I should just replace in kind or go for a higher flow PRV.
  3. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    Hi. Newbie here. I've searched for help on this topic all across the Internet and I couldn't find anything. So, I thought I'd ask the pros. I have pipes at the main that sometimes violently vibrate / chatter. This seems to happen during medium to heavy flow. Here's my setup: Water comes up...
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