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  1. MaintenanceGuy

    What's eating the pipes

    The piece is back at the shop and I won't be there again until Tuesday but I believe this is a piece of 2-1/2" pvc reduced to 2" with a standard pvc reducing bushing. If it is some sort of jerry rig, it didn't jump out at me. On first glance, it looked like all the fittings were standard and...
  2. MaintenanceGuy

    What's eating the pipes

    irrigation line, buried in very, very sandy soil. No photoshop, I took the picture myself. No exposure to solvents unless that was done before the pipe was installed. The grooves are completely smooth, no tool marks or scrapes, no sharp spots. Looks like it was slowly eroded away but I...
  3. MaintenanceGuy

    What's eating the pipes

    I've seen this twice in pvc pipe buried underground. Grooves cut into the pipe where it enters the fitting. There was one small leak and it didn't spray over this wide an area so I'm betting against erosion from the leaking water. Any guesses?
  4. MaintenanceGuy

    De-stratyfying air

    We've bought a few of these for some high spaces we have. They've worked well. They're quiet and not very noticeable. I think the single column of air would cause draft complaints if they were placed right near where people are sitting but if you've got a place behind furnature, or in a...
  5. MaintenanceGuy

    What is the best way to move a sprinkler head

    If it was me, and it has been... I'd replace the existing sprinkler riser pipe with a male-pipe-thread x barb ell. I'd run black poly from there to the new sprinkler location. Black poly is used all the time, it's easy to get it where yo want it, and it flexes easily to set your sprinkler...
  6. MaintenanceGuy

    Breaker Won't Trip, Is It Bad?

    From the picture of the socket, I'd say the wires got too hot. Either too big a bulb was used, air flow around the wires was restricted, or the fixture was designed and manufactured poorly. Since it's only melted on the very end, near the terminal screws, it could be a loose, corroded, dirty...
  7. MaintenanceGuy

    Breaker Won't Trip, Is It Bad?

    I certainly can't tell from here what was going on inside the fan but it's possible that you had arching that wasn't drawing more current than the breaker was designed for and therefore the breaker should not have tripped. A high resistance fault will cause a spot that can get very, very hot...
  8. MaintenanceGuy

    Fan on non-fan rated box

    The issue with non-fan rated boxes is the screw attachment between the fan and the box. Fan rated boxes have more threads than just the 2 or three threads through the sheetmetal. The "right" way to do this is to open the drywall enough to install the right box and patch when you're done. The...
  9. MaintenanceGuy

    Digging pipe under small concrete slab/brick walkway

    very easy to do. Get a length of 1/2" PVC pipe. Get the fittings you need to hook a hose fitting to one end and leave the other end open. dig a relatively small hole on either side of the sidewalk (I'm assuming you don't need to go below frost since you'll blow it out with compressed air...
  10. MaintenanceGuy

    33 amp, 3-phase Clothes Dryer

    all of the commercial dryers I've worked on (I've actually worked on quite a few) had gas fired burners with single phase controls. Only the motor was 3 phase. I'm sure a single phase motor could be gotten, or the existing motor could be rewired or rewound to work on single phase. But still...
  11. MaintenanceGuy

    mold testing

    There are molds that produce toxins. But these are rare. And the concentrations of the toxins would have to be sufficient, and you would have to contact enough for it to have some effect. Yes, it can happen...but rarely. The significant problem (if there is one) is allergic reactions.
  12. MaintenanceGuy

    2 GFCI receptacle ?'s

    I don't know anything about your state but in mine, the legislature has adopted the NEC AS LAW. And the AHJ is rrequired to enforce the code (LAW) but can't add or subtract from it. In fact, if you have an AHJ that isn't following the code (LAW) there is an appeal process set up in the law to...
  13. MaintenanceGuy

    mold testing

    I've taken several classes on mold remediation and indoor air quality. I deal with this issue a lot a work. Here's what I've learned. You have mold. If you test, you will find mold. Every surface of everything on earth has mold on it. If you have something tested, you will find a hundred...
  14. MaintenanceGuy

    Mini split toolkit

    You won't be able to use a recovery machine as a vacuum pump, they just don't draw down far enough. You don't recover refrigerant down to a vacuum because you don't want to draw air into a leaking system and contaminate the refrigerant you've recovered. When you go for your EPA cert, you'll...
  15. MaintenanceGuy

    Chrome sleeves for exposed 3/4" piping?

    Nothing I've ever seen but on a few odd occasions, I've been known to spray paint copper pipe.
  16. MaintenanceGuy

    Mini split toolkit

    Type I cert if for any unit with less than 5 lbs of refrigetant. Type II is for over 5 lbs. Type III is for systems that operate at lower than atmospheric pressure, usually large chiller plants. I've got all 3. If you're only installing a half dozen systems and never plan to do more, you...
  17. MaintenanceGuy

    Main Beam Splitting

    Probably lots of ways to do it right. Post a picture so we can see what you've got and you'll be flooded with suggestions.
  18. MaintenanceGuy

    Can mold grow inside a drain pipe in a shower?

    Mold needs two things. Food and water. In fact, anywhere that has food and water WILL have mold. Mold food is any organic material. I've taken a couple of mold remediation classes. The instructor would say that "even old mold with bad teeth" could live on the kind of organic crud you're...
  19. MaintenanceGuy

    Paying the plumber question

    Although it doesn' seem murky to me, he needs to be paid for the time spent...I do think he could have been a better communicator. Lots and lots of great tradespeople are not great sales people or great people people. This kind of misunderstanding could have been avoided if he had said...
  20. MaintenanceGuy

    Paying the plumber question

    If he spent two hours he should get paid for two hours, even if you stopped him before he finished. Imagine if the same scenario happened at your job. The boss gives you a project that ends up more difficult than either of you realized. He decides not to have you finish and then tells you...
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