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  1. Quark

    Navien NPE-240A and HotButton - DIP switches and parameters

    Re: Navien NPE-240A, Internal Pump Only, External Recirculation and DIY install of HotButton (PZZZ-00046). The HotButton Installation Manual does not mention DIP switch settings. It specifies one parameter setting: P.12 (HotButton pump cycle time). Q1: Should I leave DIP switches 1, 2 and 3...
  2. Quark

    Navien NPE-240A Recirculation Question

    I spoke with Navien support this morning. Regarding turning the 240A OFF at night and ON in the morning, there are no problems as long as the 240A is not exposed to freezing temperatures. The tech suggested using the Remote Controller (Part #30009757A) instead of manually turning the 240A OFF...
  3. Quark

    Navien NPE-240A Recirculation Question

    I believe the runtime is controlled by one or more these Parameters: P.12 (Preheat Pump Output Time), P.14 (Preheat Interval Time) and P.15 (Preheat Offset Temp). I have P.12 set to 15 minutes, P.14 set to 60 minutes and P.15 set to 9*F. Below (bold lettering) is my understanding of how these...
  4. Quark

    Navien NPE-240A Recirculation Question

    We have a 240A but with an external recirculation line. We, too, have a pump noise issue at night because the 240A is in a small closet near our bedroom. There are 42 minute "quiet time" intervals between the 5 minute pump runtimes; therefore, during an 8 hour period (10PM to 6AM), the pump...
  5. Quark

    Navien 240A (Controlling the Circulation Pump)

    I changed P.12 to 15 minutes and P.14 to 60 minutes and this did reduce cycling of circulation pump. However, as breplum points out, the pump has to baby sit the buffer tank and will activate as needed, when needed, at any time of day. I am holding off on NaviLink for now. Instead, I going to...
  6. Quark

    Navien 240A (Controlling the Circulation Pump)

    Thanks, this info is very helpful. One of our goals is to reduce or eliminate CP noise during sleeping hours because the 240A is in a small, dedicated utility closet not far from our MBR. We may have to shell out $$ to soundproof the utility closet if we want to get to zero CP noise.
  7. Quark

    Navien 240A compatible with NR-21DU?

    Navien tech support told me that NR-20DU works with the 240A and that the NR-21DU works with the 240A2.
  8. Quark

    Navien 240A (Controlling the Circulation Pump)

    Our 240A uses an External Recirculation Line and, at this time, we have no accessories, e.g., NaviLink, Remote Controller (NR-20DU) or HotButtons. Attached screenshot shows the Parameter and DIP switch settings. Is there a combination of settings and accessories that would allows us to control...
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