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  1. William S.

    Introduction, I'm actually a Nurse with a little plumbing experience of my own ;)

    Andrea -- My belated condolences to you, Jamie, and the entire Love family. I haven't been checking on the forum in the last 7 months or so, and missed this sad news when you first posted. Terry's personality permeated this forum in many ways beyond the most apparent matter of plumbing. His...
  2. William S.

    Nibco 500 Series & Tub Shower Valve

    As the caretaker of a 1960s-era tub and shower valve, it's always interesting for me to see how the technology evolved. More parts here than in what I have. Terry has been a tireless advocate of going the single-handle route ("something nice"), so this is a departure from form:)
  3. William S.

    Still unable to identify this bath tub stem

    Old-thread revival, I know, but I was searching the archive here for tips on using an EZ out / extractor for faucet seat removal. The above line got me to thinking . . . I have used an EZ out (like in the picture below) to remove sink faucet seats. I have a shower body where I may have to use...
  4. William S.

    CO-Z Inflatable bathtub? It could be kind of handy

    It looks pretty "co-z", especially with the lovely model and the cupholder for a favorite beverage. The same company also makes inflatable hot tubs (see website below):
  5. William S.

    Leaky faucet handle.

    Jeff's reply above about repacking the leaking stem points to a solution. Before undertaking that, you could also try tightening the packing nut. I also have 1960s era bathroom fixtures. See if there's a plumbing supply house (or an old-school hardware store with a strong plumbing...
  6. William S.

    Shower leaking behind wall after washer replacement

    Yes, Terry, there's no getting around it. That "wrong size" cap gasket was from a drawer at a local hardware store, where there was a huge assortment knocking around. I went back there and rummaged some more. Still no better find than the one pictured. An email to the supply house that sold...
  7. William S.

    Double Handled Shower Valve Not Working on Hot Side

    Great schematic. I don't have a Price Pfister, but my old 3 handle Savoy is similar, though with fewer moving parts. The OP asked (see below) about putting locktite on "the screw", which I'm taking to mean the screw that attaches the handle. I'm curious about that myself.
  8. William S.

    New profile picture

    Terry those are beautiful photos. I've heard about the beauty of British Columbia, but have yet to get there. I'm guessing that's George's vehicle behind him in the picture. It looks like the classic Willys jeep, except enclosed.
  9. William S.

    Shower leaking behind wall after washer replacement

    Gotcha. When I pull out the aftermarket Savoy stem currently in the shower valve, I'm hoping that the washer / gasket is in good enough shape to reuse. The replacement washers I've found so far are either too small or too big. Using the old OEM stem as a reference for sizing, the pic shows the...
  10. William S.

    Shower leaking behind wall after washer replacement

    Jeff -- thanks for letting me know they can last a few uses! That is helpful to know. I may have to go that route. And yes -- I'm talking about the washer that goes between the valve body and the stem. I only recently came across the term "cap thread gasket". Now you've got me wondering if...
  11. William S.

    Shower leaking behind wall after washer replacement

    You refer here to the bonnet washer, aka "cap thread gasket"? I'm planning to pull out and service a shower stem. It's an aftermarket Savoy replacement. I saved the OEM Savoy stems, for reference. Going to local stores with the OEMs for reference, I haven't yet been able to find a cap...
  12. William S.

    Leaky shower worse after replacing stem and seat

    Terry, I've been searching through posts here over the last couple of days, and time and again, you've consistently advised this. I realize I have had a "blind spot" about water getting around seat threads. The next time I pull out a seat on either sink faucet or shower body, I will do this...
  13. William S.

    Old Kohler 2-Handle Bath Valve Seat

    Very nice Terry. Thanks for sharing those images.
  14. William S.

    Old Kohler 2-Handle Bath Valve Seat

    This is helpful to know. Doing a web search I came across "Smitty plate". Looks good. I've been keeping Savoy tub/shower faucets in two bathrooms going for years -- it's good to know that a valve body upgrade may not need to involve re-tiling.
  15. William S.

    CoOp leak to downstairs unit— Cartridge Replacement

    Hopefully you won't have to fight the board . . . if it's something in the wall then it's the co-op's responsibility. As Terry observed, it might be a continuation of the earlier problem from the unit above.
  16. William S.

    Hidden shut-off valve (and can a plumber find it?)

    This led to some interesting internet searching, as I'd never heard of witching/dowsing. The way you look in the video is fine -- it's the truth of what you went through. Congratulations on being a survivor, and may you have many more years of water witching ahead!
  17. William S.

    Quality Ball Valve?

    There's a very informative active thread here on ball valves:
  18. William S.

    Dahl supply line ball valves....anything else better?

    Very informative thread here about the stop valves. I've been doing light home plumbing for many years, but always shied away from dealing with valves. I live in an apartment -- 2 full baths, dishwasher, lots of potential plumbing issuees. It's a co-op and I'm responsible for most plumbing...
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