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  1. AAnderson

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Comments and questions

    I'm going to add to this topic again. when they first hit our local central california coast market, I liked them but the problem of low flow cut out became a problem and changing boards became a regular task for us. What did become a problem was the issue remained after the 1 year labor ran out...
  2. AAnderson

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Comments and questions

    I'm jumping in here late in this thread. i have been installing tankless for over 30 years and was named the Authorized Service Provider of the year (western region) for Rinnai and have installed Navien as long as they have been available here in northern California. There are several things to...
  3. AAnderson

    Need New Gas Lines From Meter Run. Thoughts on What Plumber Told Me Option Wise

    1 1/4" in hard pipe and the rest in a branch configuration using trac or other brands of flex gas pipe makes sense. Piping today with all hard piping is going backwards.
  4. AAnderson

    HOw do you clean a tankless coil.?

    Any pump with plastic vane, 3/8' X (FITTING SIZE TO HEATER) 1/22 HP is fine. You are going to run the pump less than an hour. Use enough solution to fill the heat exchanger and the equal amount in a dedicated container with a sealed lid. Neutralize the solution when done and discharge where legal.
  5. AAnderson

    HOw do you clean a tankless coil.?

    Never use a cleaning solution that is not food grade rated and this includes muriatic acid and CLR. Use white vinegar, citric acid and or the available solutions for tankless heat exchangers. These are cleaned in place not removed and soaked. Could you post what brand this is and a few...
  6. AAnderson

    Ridiculous gas bills with Naviens!!

    Why two Navien's? What is your total fixture demand?
  7. AAnderson

    Ridiculous gas bills with Naviens!!

    It doesn't sound like you've ever programed the recirc function which would explain the high energy cost. Program this function for when you typically use hot water at the furthest point in the house. Insulate your hot water piping too.
  8. AAnderson

    If install cost wasn't an issue...

    They've taken care of the invoice even though it's taken longer than it should have. the service I performed was to replace the unit as it had a leaking heat exchanger and this was not available at the time. Yes they were aware of the problem and David Mills was in on this too.
  9. AAnderson

    Shower Remodel

    If it is only 25 yr old, most likely you have a paper and hot mop pan that is not only thick but frail. depending on codes at the time it was installed hard to tell whether it is plastic or CI. You might have a rubber bushing that has to be removed to lift the drain basket out or it was a male...
  10. AAnderson

    luke warm water

    first is the water in your lav sink hotter than in the shower or the same? I assume the lav is hotter because the installing plumber had not adjusted the disc on the valve after setting trim. this typically sets behind the trim and is more or less intuitive. It prevents you from turning a handle...
  11. AAnderson

    AC Wiring for Rinnai R94LSe

    You have three openings, one for power and Rinnai's only draw< 3 amps BTW, the other is for the contoller using a single pair 18 AWG and the last more like a grommet, is the access for the poteniometer used to adjust for low fire that electrician always manage to mangle. If you are going to do...
  12. AAnderson

    AC Wiring for Rinnai R94LSe

    Could you quote your source?
  13. AAnderson

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Comments and questions

    In my area, most that attend installation classes have never even opened a code book, read gas charts much less understand how to calculate for them. I have yet to see another plumber who owns, much less use and understand a manometer or a digital multi meter. Manufactures have a large gap to...
  14. AAnderson

    Galvanized, Brass and Copper

    I would replace it with Wirsbo Pex A
  15. AAnderson

    Sediment in hot water lines with tankless heater

    Mike, define crud? Do you mean small white particles that looks like broken sea shells? This is calcium that has precipitated out of solution under heat and pressure, a problem is you have hard water. A whole house filter will not remove dissolved solids.
  16. AAnderson

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Comments and questions

    Back to the original question. With many of these in place now, I feel they warrant the slightly higher cost than the others if recirculation and the stainless steel heat exchangers are the consideration. The leak detection is a great feature. They are how ever more complex than the others...
  17. AAnderson

    FYI - Drain Pan for Tankless

    In one development alone, we've replaced over 300 of 500 heat exchangers in rinnai's due to water quality and a DC ground from a solar inverter and water damage has been catastrophic. No attempt to install a pan was ever introduced. Smitty pans, just don't work with tankless.
  18. AAnderson

    New Water softener, but still have white residue in water

    As Bob Mentioned, the analytical will most likely be on your water companies website. Have you checked to see if this is happening in water from a non softened line like a hose bib? Since this started after the new softener was installed has the problem been consistant coming from every...
  19. AAnderson

    New Water softener, but still have white residue in water

    but not the analytical after the water has been treated.
  20. AAnderson

    Hydrocare HC38 Thoughts???

    I would suggest anyone who wants information on alternative water treatment look at Few to none have any 3rd party validation and product endorsement is not a valid claim for performance. If it works for you, fine. I do see a minimal amount of efficacy with wave generator...
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