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  1. Joe Weekley

    PEX-A Whole-home Repipe - Sizing Advice

    Planning a 2nd floor bathroom remodel and will be taking the opportunity to replace the 65 year old copper with PEX-A in the whole house while I'm at it. Decided on trunk & branch (vs home-run) and wanted to solicit some advice/opinions on sizing. Attached is the current layout. 3/4" copper...
  2. Joe Weekley

    Wiring Three-Way Switch

    Thanks for the info, Stuff. Couple questions: 1. When swapping the wires from the panel to the switch, would (should) I also swap the white/black wires of the 12-3 making the white a traveler? --This would make: reidentified white from breaker to common on SW-1, red and white connected to...
  3. Joe Weekley

    Wiring Three-Way Switch

    Good deal. I'm able to see some of the cable jacket in the switch box so I should be able to tell the common coming from the panel from the black traveler. Thanks for the help!
  4. Joe Weekley

    Wiring Three-Way Switch

    My apologies if the diagram is unclear. Nothing is connected in the switch boxes so I did not draw lines connecting wires to terminals. Switch 1 is in upstairs hallway. 12-3 runs from it to Switch 2 in dining room on first floor. 12-2 runs from Switch 2 into electrical panel where black is...
  5. Joe Weekley

    Wiring Three-Way Switch

    I was updating some three-way switches for an outdoor light from toggle to decorator and (like a fool) did not label which wire went where. I traced and diagrammed all the runs and have an idea of how the switches should be connected, but I'm not 100% so wanted to get some advice on here. Any...
  6. Joe Weekley

    Delta Tub Spout Leaking

    The tub faucet in our second bathroom is leaking from the wall side whenever the shower diverter is pulled up. It only occurs in shower mode, not when the water is coming from the tub spout. From what I can see by looking under the tub/into the wall from the Jacuzzi access panels, it is NOT...
  7. Joe Weekley

    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Ducting

    Thanks for the suggestions everybody. I think I'll go through the roof since it's such a straight shot and I won't have to go through the brick. I'll definitely go with insulated duct as well. smooky: thanks for the links! jadnashua: that looks awesome! I'll show the wife and see what she...
  8. Joe Weekley

    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Ducting

    We are in the planning stages of a bathroom remodel and I had a question on ducting the new exhaust fan. The existing fan was vented to the attic with no duct and as such we don't use it. I'll be installing a new Utilitech 7131-01 from Lowe's and have a question on the best duct route. I...
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