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  1. Jsmith2022

    Moen Shower Cartridge Removal Tool

    I had this problem just before selling our house last year. Now I notice our new house has Moen shower fixtures! 4 pages of posts, wow Moen, do something!
  2. Jsmith2022

    correcting bathroom sink vent hookup

    The AC setup is way on the other side. I noted the drip pan but forget where it's facing but it's definitely on the far side of the structure. The other bathroom is side by side with this one and it's much closer to the AC. It's definitely vented to the outside because it whooshes at night...
  3. Jsmith2022

    correcting bathroom sink vent hookup

    What's wrong with this picture? This is in our new-to-us place. The black tube from the wall is a vent. The sink howls when the wind blows. I have no idea why the vent is coming out of the wall but I believe at the very least it should go before the trap to vent everything else behind it...
  4. Jsmith2022

    Furnace fires up but no fan/heat

    I have a gas furnace (forced hot air) that was working fine a week ago. This week I noticed it wasn't blowing any hot air, in fact no air at all when the heat is on. I can hear the furnace fire up and run when I switch the thermostat to "heat on" but no warm air comes out. I thought the fan...
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