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  1. Mfellows

    Kitchen faucet sprayer replacement

    Can anyone tell me the faucet manufacturer and possibly suggest a replacement sprayer, I'm trying to help a friend. I'm not sure a generic sprayer will attach (it's tough for me to tell from the picture that he texted me)
  2. Mfellows

    Lennox Furnace Fan Runs Nonstop Even after Heat Turns Off

    Check your thermostat, is the fan set to "Auto" or "On", sounds like you want it to be "Auto"
  3. Mfellows

    Navien 240 Bypass mixing valve problems

    I noticed error code 045 which indicates a problem with the mixing valve. Called authorized dealer (who replaced this same valve 18 months ago). They said it was the mixing valve, but wanted to call Navien support which they said required a $120 charge (does Navien really charge for these...
  4. Mfellows

    P Trap replacement

    Terry, thanks! I was thinking the trap would attach directly, but the spigot trap adapter makes it even easier.
  5. Mfellows

    P Trap replacement

    I'm fairly certain it's copper, this picture might provide a better view
  6. Mfellows

    P Trap replacement

    My moms house was built in the mid 60s and has copper DWV, except for the main stack. I am going to install an Insinkerator Evolution Compact to replace her old unit and was thinking I should do something with this trap (which some of you guys who do this for a living might have seen before?)...
  7. Mfellows

    Pipe split, how does this happen?

    I found what I thought was a pinhole leak in the 1 1/2" copper stub (attached to a pvc trap) under my daughters kitchen sink. When I cut just behind where I thought the leak was, I found the split you can see in the picture. I was wondering if this was a manufacturing defect or what can cause...
  8. Mfellows

    Drake II flapper

    Here's the response I got from Toto: The original flappers used a float to help the flapper stay up. The new flappers do not require the float.
  9. Mfellows

    Drake II flapper

    I've submitted an email question to Toto, but in the meantime thought I might ask here since Terry seems to install quite a few of these. I installed a Drake II in April, 2012 and the tank (ST454E) contained a red flapper with a weight on the chain. I just bought another one yesterday (Dec...
  10. Mfellows

    Where to Purchase Toto Ultramax Toilet (CST853S)

    Using the link from Toto's website, just enter your zipcode to find what delears are local to you
  11. Mfellows

    Trouble removing bathroom fixture...

    Have you tried vinegar? If you're lucky, it will dissolve most of that corrosion.
  12. Mfellows

    Kohler Tub Drain fix

    I took a couple of pics to see if anyone can identify the drain manufacturer (the overflow cover says Kohler?) The drain itself has 2 little ears that could be used to turn out the drain, however a standard drain removal tool is way too small on one end and slightly too large on the other end.
  13. Mfellows

    Where to buy real silicone caulk, preferably colored

    I have had good luck with GE Silicone bath caulk (almond color) purchased at Home Depot
  14. Mfellows

    Kohler Tub Drain fix

    My daughters tub had an old linkage type pop up drain assembly that constantly plugged with hair, etc. My son-in-law yanked the assembly and of course a washcloth went down the drain. In order to prevent this from happening again, I would like to install a pop-up or twist and turn assembly...
  15. Mfellows

    Bathtub replacement

    I am thinking of adding a layer of 5/8 plywood leaving a smaller opening for access to the drain. I will also add some reinforcement under the area that was cutout too much. There isn't much room to add blocking. The adjacent tile is 1 1/8 inch higher than the subfloor, so I think this is...
  16. Mfellows

    Bathtub replacement

    I have been picking up hints and tips from this forum for a number of years and wanted to say thanks to everyone. I decided to undertake a fiberglass tub replacement with a Sterling Vikrell tub/surround. I figured the demolition would be the tough part, only to find that the builder had cut...
  17. Mfellows

    looking for Kohler K-3467 San Raphael toilet experiences

    I have replaced 2 toilets in my parents house with Toto Drakes and they have been problem free. My mom wants to replace a 3rd toilet (circa 1966) which is yellow and all I can find is Kohler San Raphael (K-3467). I told her we could replace the sink to match the toilet (and get a Toto in...
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