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  1. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Yeah. Good point - he never said anything about reviewing and cents but that is a very good question. To clarify , The 1-1/4 is already run in the basement as the furnaces are at the same end of the house as where I am coming out of the building . all I have to do is size and install the...
  2. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Yes you are correct regarding overall length I apologize as the post left the overall length ambiguous. Yes There is likely over 200 leet of run not accounting for losses. For sizing I was using both the pool heater chart and the chart for the specific gas line I would use outdoors for...
  3. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Good evening, I am respectfully requesting assistance in the sizing of a gas line for a pool heater. My local inspector will allow me to install the line on my own and once I get a licensed gas fitter to connect to the mainline, they would inspect everything. – hence the question to the experts...
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